Expert Roofer, Jose Diaz, Sheds Light On New Regulations For Restoration Roofing

With the recent changes in California building code requirements, many home and business owners are facing expensive roofing repair or remodeling costs, especially if they do not rely on the advice of an expert.  In fact, many property owners are learning that without the help of a roofer who is certified in Title 24 Compliance, they may spend a great deal of money and still fail to meet state requirements.

Title 24 is the name given to an energy-efficient building standard put forth by the California Energy Commission. According to Title 24, a “cool roof” must be installed over certain spaces such as air-conditioned square footage in residential or commercial buildings. Many home and business owners find that when the time comes to repair or replace their roofs or sell their property, they must comply with these standards.

One way to meet these new requirements without having to replace the entire roof is through “restoration roofing,” a process in which layers of material are placed on an existing flat roof to strengthen it, increase its lifespan and insulation value and give the roof a better appearance. Restoration extends the years a roof will provide protection at a much lower cost than completely re-roofing, so many customers are choosing this method to increase the longevity of their roofs and to save money. In addition, many customers are seeking roof restoration services in order to comply with new state guidelines regarding roofing systems.

“Restoration is a great way for property owners to save money, while at the same time guaranteeing that they will gain years of satisfaction from their roofs,” says Jose Diaz, owner of JAD Roofs, Inc., one of the few companies in the area authorized and certified to install Title 24-compliant restoration roofing. With over a decade of successful experience in installing and repairing roofs in the Los Angeles area, from Orange County to Santa Barbara, Diaz has earned a professional reputation and a prominent position as the roofer of choice for many large companies. “You have to be sure your roofer offers products and services that are in compliance with new state laws, which can often be confusing,” says Diaz.

Because of their focus on restoration, JAD Roofs, Inc., can offer cost-effective solutions when a home or business owner is facing a Title 24 compliance issue and needs to repair or replace a roof. Due to his certification through TROPICAL, Mr. Diaz is able to perform many of the inspections and obtain permits for roofs himself, saving the homeowner money. The experienced team at JAD Roofs, Inc., can quickly install the materials necessary to restore a roof using the latest technology and equipment.

Diaz warns against hiring just any company that says they can install restoration roofing. “You have to be sure your roofer is certified in Title 24 and other compliance issues. Otherwise, you may find that your roof does not meet state standards and that you have to have the job redone by another company,” he says.

The restoration process includes several distinct steps, according to Diaz. He and his crew inspect the roof carefully to determine if repairs are needed prior to beginning the restoration process. The roof must be clean and free of defects before the first layer is poured. The team pressure washes the roof to remove oil and debris, then uses a cold-process liquid epoxy and fabric to form layers on the roof. This process takes several days, as each layer must dry and cure for approximately 24 hours before the next layer is placed.  Most property owners opt for a four-layer process, which comes with a 10-year warranty, although others choose a restoration process involving more layers which comes with an 18-year warranty.

“Compliance with Title 24 is especially important for homeowners who have not had their roofs repaired or replaced for some time,” notes Diaz. “Under these new laws, there are several inspections that must be performed and permits that must be obtained before the state requirements are met. A roofer who is certified in Title 24 roofing standards, as I am, understands what is needed for these home and business owners to conform to these new regulations, and my team can quickly provide restoration services to deliver needed updates.”

Diaz’s work has garnered him praise from the local community. According to Frank Rizzi, president of BOS Commercial, “Jose Diaz and his team have been doing roofs for myself and my clients for about 10 years now. I am especially impressed with their ability to install roof drains and elastomeric coatings. To date, Jose has completed 12 of these jobs and they have made my life as a property manager much easier in the rainy season. When this coating dries it creates a barrier that does not allow water to get through. Additionally, the reflective coating keeps my buildings cooler during the summer, thereby reducing my electrical consumption.”

With the latest techniques and products, Jose Diaz and JAD Roofs, Inc., are able to help home and business owners save money and avoid problems with Title 24’s new requirements, as well as support the environment by reducing energy consumption.