Expanding Consciousness Guide Roseann Janzen Of Reveal Your Life Launches Innovative Intuitive Board Game

Expanding Consciousness Guide RoseAnn Janzen of Reveal Your Life recently launched the Expanding Consciousness™ Game for adults seeking personal growth through intuitive self-exploration. The aim is to give players heightened personal growth leading to greater joy and life.

The Expanding Consciousness™ Game was designed together with game developer Jean Berry, of JeanBerryPresents.com. The game is a continuation of Janzen’s previous work, the Life Cards, and her book, Spirituality & Puzzle Pieces.

Assisting with the Expansion of Consciousness is Janzen’s mission on Earth and is the essence of all her products and services.

According to Janzen, the Expanding Consciousness™ Game creates the opportunity for players to expand their conscious awareness giving them an intuitive roadmap for all areas of life. It also enables for spirituality to become a shared experience, instead of remaining an individual pursuit.

At the beginning of the game, a Persona is selected. The chosen persona acts as a filter through which the player is going to look during that round of the game. After rolling the dice the player lands on a question. After answering the question, the player draws a ‘Gift from the Cosmos’ card and a ‘Transformation Provoking’ card.

At the end of the game, the player will have a roadmap of where they are in their understanding of their lives and what steps they can take to leap to their next higher level.

“This game has the uncanny way of pulling out your ‘stuckness’ when you’re still in complaining mode, wondering why things aren’t working. Then it taps you on the head until you get the insight you need to get unstuck in a flash of light. It’s amazing to watch it happen over and over with everyone who’s played.” Janzen points out.

Janzen further explains that players connect to their deeper selves and access rapid transformation to higher levels of awareness while adding a sense of adventure to the joy of playing.

The Expanding Consciousness™ Game can be used as a continuing aid to personal growth. Gamers can play for a lifetime because each time they play, they answer the questions from a new level of understanding and perceive the guidance from the cards in a whole new way.

Players report appreciating the uniqueness of the game, receiving valuable insights leading to self-awareness and growth:

“A fun, relaxing, soulful game that helps guide you through life in a unique way!”

“I loved the synchronicity, the deep messages, and I mostly loved the feeling of expansiveness while playing. I’ve never experienced anything like it.”

“The whole game was unique. There is nothing out there that compares. I loved having what came up for me and then receiving a way to fix and improve them.”

“Masterful, spiritual, insightful. Insightful, simple, & spiritually channeled. Full of opportunity for self-awareness and growth.”

An international best-selling author, artist, business psychic, spiritual guide, goals & success coach, and creator of the Expanding Consciousness™ Game, Janzen works with consciousness, energy, and the quantum field.
With 45 plus years of business, finance, creative, and spiritual experience as well as psychic and other extraordinary abilities, she is a unique combination of practical and spiritual.

Janzen tells spiritual-minded entrepreneurs the truth about spirituality and how to advance their personal evolution in the way that’s a fit for them.
Her real superpower is the ability to access their Divine Self, their energy layers, and their business for the information needed to guide them through life.
Through her readings, Janzen shows entrepreneurs their brilliance and their challenges, their mission, and how to move forward.

For more information about RoseAnn Janzen and The Expanding Consciousness™ Game go to https://www.revealyourlife.com/the-game