Exceed The Bar Offers a Blueprint for Achieving Professional Success!

This new book Exceed the Bar from T&S Publishing is designed to fill that gap in training and knowledge. The book will feature conversations with professionals that have achieved success, providing some insight on how they beat the odds. Hence we are calling on successful business owners like you to join this project while offering you an opportunity to become a published best-selling author.

Exceed the bar will be an invaluable treasure trove of practical, hands-on business advice from an author team of business professionals gathering their expertise in one place! We hope to jam-pack the book with in-depth, easy-to-implement business suggestions. The book Exceed the bar will further:

  • Show our readers how to manage career transitions, balance themselves in business with practical guidelines to navigate the many other challenges that arise in the early phase of business.
  • Offer readers the broadest and most detailed information available regarding business organization and management, common legal issues, and how to manage challenges or impairment.
  • Offer readers tried-and-true business contributions so they, too, can exceed the bar!

The launching of this book is greatly anticipated and keeps gathering momentum from our social media followers. If you would love to lend your voice and make it big by becoming a best-selling author, visit www.exceedthebar.com. We also would like you to know that the benefits of becoming a best-selling author far exceed the initial investment on your path as a contributing author in this project.

Look for Exceed the Bar in the fall of 2019 to be available on www.Amazon.com and other notable stores.


About T&S Publishing, LP

T&S Publishing, LP, is a boutique media and book publishing agency with a mission to help thousands of lesser-known entrepreneurs, business owners, and professionals become sought-after subject matter experts in their fields. We position them as recognized authorities that stand out rather than continue to be the best-kept secrets in their industries. We accomplish this by having them participate in strategic positioning campaigns that include cause marketing, collaborative book projects, being featured in national media, garnering celebrity-like status, and then teaching them to leverage all of that notoriety across social media platforms to quickly elevate their brand. We offer what we call ‘authority books’ and a unique publishing process that enables our clients to talk their book and eliminate the need to be a writer. We specialize in single-author collaborative books with other top professionals. For more information, please visit our website: www.tspublishing.us.