Evoking A Call To Action: Learn From Expert Chuck Hooper

Every manager at every level of an organization can benefit from mastering the art of evoking a call to action, which is precisely Chuck Hooper’s passion. Chuck Hooper, data and business guru, has mastered the art of evoking action at every level and essentially transforming the future of every business he touches. Bringing fifty years of rich experience, Chuck has endured five decades of change in data and business intelligence and enjoys bringing organizations up to speed in an ever changing environment. He is a proud member of the National Speakers Association, which means he has access to up-to-date knowledge and resources throughout his career.

Chuck hypothetically fell into speaking when he began accepting invitations to speak as an expert in data systems at a variety of events over twenty-five years ago. After twenty-five years of speaking and teaching business managers about data systems, Chuck’s focus evolved to a more complex subject: business intelligence, or the process of gathering, analyzing, and using data to make informed business decisions. Just a few of the ways this kind of knowledge may prove beneficial to an organization include:

  • Managers learn how to use data to tell a compelling story and evoke action from administration;
  • Administration learns how to use data to evoke action from the board of directors;
  • Sales staff learns how to use data to evoke action (a purchase) from customers;
  • All staff learn how to analyze data to learn more about the organization and its future and make more informed business decisions.

Essentially, data analytics can tell the business owner if their strategy is working or not and helps them make decisions to refine the processes that aren’t as successful as they would like.

Chuck Hooper makes learning about visual analytics exciting and interesting. He brings ancedotal life experiences, humor, and raw knowledge to his presentations, engaging and inspiring the audience from start to finish. In addition to offering these consultation services to businesses, Chuck has authored two books that are scheduled for release this year. He trains other experts on how to be more successful presenters and continues to provide IT training to technical audiences.

Chuck has worked with hundreds of organizations in every industry, including insurance, financial, retail, real estate, manufacturing, and more. Chuck Hooper brings five decades of experience to your organization. Whether you’re already on the right path but want to refine the skills of your marketers and managers or your organization needs some redirecting, Chuck is the consultant with the knowledge, experience, and ability to communicate both effectively and engagingly.

To learn more about how Chuck Hooper can help your organization, visit http://www.ChuckSpeaking.com or read his one-page biography here.