Erin Michelle Welsh, San Diego Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist And Life Coach | Change Your Mind Change Your World

Erin Michelle Welsh, a San Diego Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Life Coach explains, “The Hypnotherapist cannot make you do anything against your will. In fact, during the session, you are completely aware of everything that is going on.” Clinical Hypnotherapy is a viable treatment for pain management, addictions, eating disorders, weight management, and for creating any number of other desirable changes in a person’s life. It has been used in a major hospital in Arizona since 2015 with results so successful the program has expanded at the request of the hospital’s doctors and nurses to seven different departments, including the Emergency Room. In the near future, the program is going to expand into the surgery department for both pre-op and post-op healing and support, and other hospitals are seeking the program. Hypnotherapists working with 221 patients in the pilot project lasting six months reduced patient pain, stress, and nausea 42%, 52%, and 56% respectively.

The subconscious mind is very powerful. A successful suggestion can change a person’s perceptions, behaviors, and outer situation. For example, a successful hypnotherapy treatment to eliminate negativity is likely to result in negative people dropping from your life and environment, as well as curtailing your negative thoughts, reactions, and behaviors. “The changes you make to your inner world will create subtle to dramatic changes in your outer world,” says Welsh.

Welsh has specialized training in self-identification, regression, root-cause, release and re-learning techniques, as well as in physical ailments healing and management. “Most people are coming to a Hypnotherapist to create change in their lives, do things differently, or create a new perspective. Any suggestion impressed upon the subconscious mind will be in alignment with the shift or change the client would like to see happen in their life.” The subconscious mind is fertile ground for suggestions, and when those suggestions align with the client’s desires, changes occur, sometimes dramatically. Consequently, hypnotherapy clients must be ready to let go and commit to the changes they are looking to create in their lives. The more prepared for change a client is, the more dramatic the results tend to be.

Many Hypnotherapists see their own Hypnotherapists. Many, like Welsh, commit to doing their own hypnotherapy work so they can guide their clients and lead their clients by example. Clients can see the results in their Hypnotherapist and trust that their Hypnotherapist has firsthand experience of the process. To quote Earl Nightingale, a respected speaker and author, “Whatever we plant in our subconscious mind and nourish with repetition and emotion will one day become our reality.” Welsh adds, “This is true of both positive and negative thoughts/emotions, so pay attention to the messages you are impressing upon your subconscious.”

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