Eric Haaranen Discusses The Importance of Media Exposure and Authority for Professionals

Whether discussing entrepreneurs, professionals or business owners all have one thing in common. The need for new customers. In this article, Media Expert Eric Haaranen shares a different approach to making customer-attraction easier.

Haaranen begins, “In marketing there is something called ‘Social proof’ which basically suggests that the more people taking a certain action, the more new people are inclined to take the same action. In other words, if other people like it, it must be good.”

Almost every smart entrepreneur leverages social proof to some degree. It might be as simple as a dentist displaying his academic credentials on his wall or a store having the Better Business Bureau’s logo on its door. In other cases, social proof can be much more sophisticated and much more effective as well.

“The single most important thing that an entrepreneur needs before anyone buys anything from him or her is trust,” Haaranen observes. “If a customer doesn’t trust that you’ll deliver your services as promised he or she simply will not buy.”

One trust-gaining method that Haaranen recommends is to get cited on high-profile, high-authority media networks and then leveraging that credibility to attract new clients.

“I have been very fortunate in that many of the articles I have written have been picked up by some major news outlets over the years. This allows me to use the logos of such outlets with the heading “As Seen On” in a lot of my marketing materials,” Haaranen explains. “But it has only been recently that I realized that other business owners and professionals could also use these same techniques.”

The approach is straight-forward and effective. Haaranen will interview one of his clients and create an article from the main talking points. The client may then use that article in whatever manner he or she wishes and if desired Haaranen will then distribute the article through some major news channels, where they will often appear on news sites affiliated with media monsters like NBC, CBS, CNN, etc.

“The authority that the client receives from these major cites makes all the difference,” suggests Haaranen. “Most will find that selling becomes easier and higher fees are also more easily attainable with this added credibility.”

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