Eric DeRosa Builds Set Starter from Garage Dream into an International Business

Hard work pays off in turning dreams into reality, an international reality. Eric DeRosa’s story begins with a dream and a vision. He saw the opportunity to build an alternative device to help people exercise more efficiently and effectively without being distracted. And through hard work he’s turned that dream into an international business.

Eric’s story needs to be heard to inspire other would-be-entrepreneurs. He is story shows how simple and consistent action does pay off. Armed with a good idea he made it happen.

The story began with Eric developing the Set Starter, a simple wearable fitness timer. The device is small enough to be worn on the thumb. It notifies the athlete of timing intervals with a brief vibration and a blink of an LED.

By fitting on the thumb the device is unobtrusive. It can be used for many different sports, weight lifting, or bodyweight forms of exercise without getting in the way.

Users have told Eric this is a fitness device that lets them set it and forget it. They can take time to set how they want to time their workouts, then forget it and focus intently on their training.

This set it and forget it mindset has helped organically grow the Set Starter business. Eric worked with fitness authors to spread the word and get the Set Starter onto people’s thumbs.

The groundswell of interest expanded. Eric’s efforts to generate interest and word of mouth social sharing increased his reach.

That reach has gone beyond the United States, in fact today the Set Starter has been shipped to users in twenty different countries.

That international presence started with just a dream and an idea for a product that uniquely solves a problem.

The Set Starter story reminds us all that we can have an impact. Don’t let those dreams and ideas die with you, share them.

Find a way to start small, build a version of your product or service that can be sold. Start. Take action.

Then identify key contacts who understand the problem your product or service solves. Work with them to share your passion, your concept, your idea. Help them become champions and advocates of your story. Then rinse; repeat.

Just like the Set Starter itself, success comes in intervals. Work, rest, repeat. Eric kept pushing for more awareness and feedback on his product.

That drive to spread the word resulted in some high visibility coverage for the business. The Set Starter was a spotlight product on the Today Show and highlighted in Shape magazine.

Those two mentions in major media accelerated Set Starter’s growth and sales.

But remember he didn’t start there. Building a dream into an international business takes time and effort. Build relationships and spread the word. Larger avenues will come.

Find a problem, solve it, and share the story as often as possible. When your idea truly satisfies an unmet need the story will blossom and grow. But just like a plant needs water, ideas must have consistent marketing.

Eric nailed product development, but Set Starter has grown because of his focus on intentional marketing.

Do you have a dream that deserves to become an international business? Get started and give it a go. Eric did and now Set Starter is preparing to launch their second generation of the wearable fitness device.

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