Entrepreneur Kristina M. Wood Reaches #1 On Two Amazon Best Seller Lists

Why the Sunflower Smiles – Hidden Messages in Nature featuring Kristina M. Wood, Author, and collaborator Lee Cook hit #1 on the Amazon.com Best Sellers List in the categories of Travel Pictorial and Gaia and Earth Energies.

Kristina Wood has traveled throughout the world in search of the most high energy and sacred sites throughout the world. Her company, Adventurous Spirit Travel, has led numerous journeys to sacred sites for the past 30 years. During those travels she took a number of photos of sacred sites and the beautiful nature at those locations. Her book, Why The Sunflower Smiles: Hidden Messages in Nature, presents a number of those photos, and she shares the intriguing story behind each one. In addition, her friend Lee Cook, a world famous psychic, translates the messages that the nature spirits were conveying during the visit there. This beautiful book provides an opportunity to marvel at the beauty of nature, while creating a meditative feeling that truly enables a connection with the nature spirits of these parts of the world.

World famous Energy Healer and Author of award winning Book, Energy Medicine, Donna Eden, wrote the forward to the book where she shared, “If you had the time to feed your soul with abundant travel, you couldn’t choose a better itinerary than the destinations featured in this gorgeous and mind-expanding book. If you don’t have that time, let this chronicle of Kristina M. Wood’s pilgrimages to some of the planet’s most sublime spots add to your spiritual nourishment.”

Spiritual travel is a growing trend. Travel companies report that the number of people taking “faith-based” vacations is up as much as 164 percent in the last five years, even at a time when surveys show that the fastest-growing religious category in the United States is no religious affiliation at all, according to the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life. Many travelers are looking for more than lying on beaches and roaming through museums. They’re seeking spiritual encounters, from private healing ceremonies with a Shaman in Peru and Sufi meditation sessions in India to monastery stays in northern Thailand and Christian pilgrimages to Fátima and Lourdes.

Kristina M. Wood states, “It is a true joy to share the beauty and intelligence of nature with everyone through this book. It has the ability to enable readers to actually experience the high vibration energy that makes these locations special.”

Why the Sunflower Smiles – Hidden Messages in Nature is available on Amazon.com in Paperback and Kindle at http://www.amazon.com or http://kristinamwood.com/book/.