Energy Healer Francesca Rossellini, PhD Takes Heart-Centered Approach To Help Clients Live Life Of Their Dreams

Energy Healer Francesca Rossellini, PhD, of Quantum Healing and author of the forthcoming book, The Sacred YES, helps her clients overcome obstacles to live the life they dream about. She has a natural ability to heal using energy and intuition about illnesses of the body and the spirit. She works with her clients in person and remotely to heal the core issues found within to improve their quality of life; issues that would otherwise stop them from healing physical illnesses and deep emotional wounds from their past. Rossellini has found that she is able to both shift the energy toward healing and teach her clients how to participate in their healing as well. “Many people come to me when the biggest thing they can imagine for themselves is to finally be out of pain. I work with them on healing physical and emotional pain and in doing so, help them dream of an even bigger life than they ever thought possible,” explains Rossellini.

It’s not uncommon for Rossellini to work with clients who come to her after having been in therapy for years with no real success or healing to speak of. People go through the standard therapies that are presented to them and as unfortunate as it may be, it isn’t until they’ve hit a dead-end that they begin to look for something different. “I’ve worked with more therapists than I care to count. I was in rehab, again, for addiction and a severe eating disorder. I felt hopeless and helpless and doomed to a life dictated by fear, shame, and self-loathing. I met Francesca and she helped rebuild my life. I am sober, in full recovery from my eating disorder, finally graduated from college, financially secure with an amazing job, and living a life I never could have created without her support and guidance. I cannot thank her enough for what she has done for me and I look forward to working with her for years to come,” says Ashley Self, a client of Rossellini.

Although healing may look different from one client to the next, Rossellini is very clear about the type of work she does with her clients and the impact she’s had on their lives. She realizes that not everybody who suffers from physical or emotional pain wants to heal. However, those clients that are committed to healing make the best candidates. Stephanie Tarolli says, “I was able to heal my past, find my truth and LIVE it.” Rossellini’s gift to heal others comes with her ability to see the essence of who they are; from what’s causing a person conflict or illness to the ideal career that would enrich their life and nourish their soul.

Getting to a place of healing can happen in as little as a few days or weeks for some people and may take a bit longer for others. When Rossellini works with a new client, she can quickly evaluate where that person is at in the beginning of the process and based on what she picks up, she can decipher what they might require to heal. “It is so hard to put into one little sound bite what working with Francesca has done for me. I could say that she has given me my life back, but it is more than that. For the first time in my life that I can remember I feel good. Happy. Hopeful. That is what working with Francesca has done for me,” explains Rebecca Nelson.

Born in Dublin, Ireland and only a child at the time of her initial insights into the realm of healing, Rossellini was innately aware of her gift at a very young age. She attended University College Dublin and after receiving her undergraduate degree in Social Science, she then continued her studies at the American Institute of Holistic Theology. She holds both Master’s and Doctoral degrees in Metaphysics.

Rossellini specializes in healing anxiety disorders, depression, eating disorders, emotional pain and trauma.

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