Energy Healer And Therapist Gabrielle Paoli – Maximize Results By Combining Counseling And Energy Work

Gabrielle Paoli, Energy Healer and Psychotherapist combines Energy Work with her academic knowledge of Psychology to help individuals achieve their personal goals. She holds a MA in Counseling Psychology and she has over ten years of experience in the counseling and energy work fields. She is currently dedicated to her private practice serving English and Spanish communities around the world.

Karina Viola: Hi Gabrielle, thank you for talking to us. I am very curious about your work and how two seemingly different fields like Psychotherapy and energy can work together.

Gabrielle Paoli: You are welcome! Yes you are right, it is an interesting and new combination of resources for many people. I am very grateful for the opportunity to raise more awareness about it.

Karina Viola: My pleasure! Please tell us how it works.

Gabrielle Paoli: Sure, okay, I’ll try to make it as easy and clear as I can. From an energy healer point of view, everything is formed by energy, from a piece of furniture to the ocean. And all energy carries a vibration. Thoughts and emotions are not different, they both have a vibration, and this vibration can serve us or hurt us. For example, the energy of love has a higher vibration than the energy of anger or sadness. The energy of love can help us to stay physically and emotionally healthy; the energy of anger or sadness, when it is trapped in our body, can hurt us.

Karina Viola: I see.

Gabrielle Paoli: So, both, energy work and Psychotherapy can work on releasing unhelpful energy and on integrating the ones that are more helpful and aligned with our goals and desires. The main difference and importance of including Psychotherapy in the healing process relies on the fact that even though, as an energy healer, I can identify energy patterns and clear them, if the pattern is created in the mental or emotional body and the individual lacks resources and understanding of how to create a new and desired pattern, the undesired energy and pattern will be inadvertently recreated before long by the individual.

Karina Viola: Very interesting, so through Psychotherapy you can support individuals in consciously creating what they want.

Gabrielle Paoli: Exactly! Without the awareness of how you created a pattern and the right resources to change them, some people may find it hard to obtain the results they want by working exclusively on their energy.

Karina Viola: Fascinating, and it actually makes a lot of sense. I noticed you mentioned patterns several times, could you explain to us what they mean exactly in this context?

Gabrielle Paoli: Sure. Energy runs in patterns, so we run patterns of emotions, thoughts and even situations; many times unconsciously. Not all of the patterns are unhelpful, but some of them can be quite damaging and painful. Examples of these running patterns of feeling rejected, or lonely; or having thought patterns of being mistreated or unimportant; or recreating the same type of partnerships where the other party is always unfaithful.

Karina Viola: Okay, yes, I see what you are saying. So where are these patterns coming from?

Gabrielle Paoli: In most cases we create them during childhood and we perpetuate them during adulthood unless we get out of “the autopilot” and consciously clear them.

Karina Viola: Very interesting; in your opinion, why do we do that?

Gabrielle Paoli: Well, even though it is a painful process, what we are trying to do is internally heal the issue that created it. So by repeating a scenario over and over we create opportunities to choose differently and eventually learn from it and move forward.

Karina Viola: I understand, thank you for spelling it out so clearly for us.

Gabrielle Paoli: You are welcome!

Karina Viola: One more thing before we finish the interview. I am aware that you work internationally. How does that work?

Gabrielle Paoli: Yes, that is right. Thanks to the amazing communication services we enjoy nowadays people contact me from all over the world, from America to Australia. Most of my sessions are through Internet or over the phone. I am very blessed and honored to be able to reach that many people, and being bilingual English-Spanish opens up even more opportunities to support more people.

Karina Viola: That is great. I really appreciate you sharing your knowledge and experience with us today.

Gabrielle Paoli: You are most welcome. It’s been a pleasure.

Gabrielle Paoli is a bilingual English Spanish Energy Healer and Psychotherapist primary working with individuals experiencing life challenges and transitions. She holds a Master Degree in Counseling Psychology. She is also a Career Counselor and a Certified Advanced Hypnotherapist. She serves individuals internationally through e-counseling and phone sessions. You can find out more about Gabrielle Paoli’s services at: