Empire Investigation Breathes New Life Into Philadelphia Cold Case

With nothing but a short surveillance video as evidence, the two suspects remain unidentified in a case that is running cold. Philadelphia police are still searching for suspects in the purse snatching and fatal shooting that claimed the life of Amber Long. With the help of charity Handbags 4 Peace, the sales of Amber’s original artwork and Empire Investigations, LLC, CEO Robert Kresson, this case is having new life breathed into it.

After spending a cold January evening celebrating her 26th birthday, and enjoying the company of her family, Amber Long and her mother Stephanie walked casually down a Philadelphia street. Carrying nothing but the $14 handbag purchased by her mother earlier in the day, the ladies headed to their next destination. The unsuspecting women were passed by two large men, on either side of them, both with hooded sweatshirts covering their heads and faces. It was in those moments that these cowards decided to commit a purse snatching. The robbery went horribly awry after Amber hesitates to let go of her handbag. It was at that moment one of the men fired one shot, hitting Amber Long directly in the chest.

Amber’s mother recollects the horrific event, “I was there. She fell at my feet; a laughing young woman turned in a single instant, into a pitiful huddle on a cold sidewalk, life seeping away…”  Stephanie watched helplessly as Amber’s life slipped away, while her murderer and his accomplice fled in a black Chevy Impala. On that day, January 19th, 2014, Amber was pronounced dead at Hahnemann University Hospital forty minutes after the fatal shot was fired from the weapon.

Amber’s family takes solace that she spent her last night on Earth dancing, enjoying good music and good food. She will always be remembered for her positive attitude, intense work ethic and artistic nature. She spent her life being a good influence on others and projecting strength and honesty.

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