Elad Hadar, Author Of Marketing Romance, Helps Business Owners Learn Marketing Basics

Today’s business owner is unlikely to be an expert in the foundations of good marketing strategy.  Many business owners find themselves paying large sums to “marketers” who are, in fact, simply advertisers, but they still do not see the results they want.  Marketing is a process that requires very specific skills, but few business owners have learned these skills.

Now, Elad Hadar, author of Marketing Romance, offers a solution to this problem by helping business owners quickly grasp the basic concepts of marketing through a unique focus on the skills involved in building relationships.  While romance and marketing might not seem to share many qualities, Hadar brings them together to offer his small and medium business-owning readers the facts on how to brand and market their products successfully.

“This book actually has two audiences,” notes Hadar.  “First is a small or medium business owner who wants to learn about info marketing and how to serve clients.  The second group consists of those who want to apply the same foundational marketing skills to find the right spouse.”  The book approaches marketing from a unique perspective, unlike other books on the topic:  it integrates skills that actually work in a practical way to offer sound advice for marketers.

Many business owners are struggling.  They seek help from “marketing experts” who are actually selling advertising and who do not understand the basic principles of marketing.  The people who provide these services may not have a background in marketing themselves, so they are simply selling an empty product.

Marketing Romance corrects this problem by offering a fast and easy way for business owners to learn the facts about marketing strategy and how to develop their own unique marketing capabilities.  “I believe that the relationship viewpoint delivers the message much better,” says Hadar.  “This book answers the problem for small and medium businesses of how to handle marketing correctly.  After working with 35,000 businesses and opening 14 franchises of my company worldwide, I learned that many business owners do not understand the basics of marketing.  They try to advertise before they consider marketing.  Marketing is a strategy.  In the book, I tell them about differentiation, identifying target audience and how to make a first impression.  Most businesses will miss this and jump to advertising immediately.  The book teaches them how to learn the foundational skills first.”

The advice in the book follows a pattern that is reminiscent of seeking a personal relationship.  “There is no difference between a romantic, personal relationship and a business relationship in the foundational qualities the two share,” notes Hadar.  “People do business with people, not with businesses.  The person you meet when you work with a company is the face of that business, as far as you are concerned.  Just as gravity works the same all over the world, business principles and relationship principles do not change.  Continuing a relationship in business is the same as continuing a romantic relationship:  how do you take the relationship from the first meeting to the next?  Answering this question is at the heart of marketing and of personal relationships.”

Hadar advises looking for the right way to position the business.  Next, owners should consider how to promote it, then finally to consider the use of various types of resources.  Business owners must use these resources to isolate the target audience and to shape their message toward those people.

The book offers the basics of marketing equivalent to four years of college in a 231-page book.  “You can read this book in four hours and know more about marketing than many people who have graduated with marketing degrees,” notes Hadar.  “Marketing principles are outlined in a very simple way that relates to relationship skills, making them understandable for everyone.”  The book makes successful marketing easy for everyone from dentists to financial advisers.  Each chapter has a short summary at the end of “What To Do” in a business as well as “What To Do” in a personal relationship.

Hadar says, “When business owners go to providers, they miss the strategy in favor of actions that may or may not be effective.  This book solves that problem by offering the basic, foundational facts about marketing.  When you follow the basics, you are bound to get results.”

Hadar has been called an educator and advocate for client success.  Handling marketing for some of the largest companies in Israel as well as for tiny, family-owned companies.  He has worked with the Israeli Prime Minister’s office as well as communication companies equivalent to AT&T and Verizon.  His company is the largest in the Israeli marketing industry and handles accounts for many companies in England and throughout the world, and maintains branches in Los Angeles, Europe, Costa Rica and other locations.