eFax.com Releases New Update for Android App That Enhances The Mobile Experience

San Francisco, CA, USA – November 1st, 2013 –  EFax recently released a new version of the popular, eFax Android App. This release (2.3) brings a new set of features to enhance the eFax® Mobile experience for Android users, including on-screen finger signature, faster fax viewing, and Dutch support.

Users will have the option to add or create a signature when viewing faxes. In addition to snapping a picture of their signature, they can now sign faxes on-screen with their finger. There is also a significantly improved performance for users when accessing faxes in their inbox. Anticipating user behavior, now cache the first pages of the most recent faxes for faster viewing.

An added feature will allow users to to export faxes as PDF files to their device or cloud storage to access faxes from any desktop or mobile device.

A redesigned FAQ content area is now displayed through a concise list of relevant high-level topics, instead of displaying a single long page of FAQ content where scrolling and finding was required.

eFax is an Internet fax service of j2 Global that enables sending and receiving of fax documents in digital format via email rather than a traditional paper fax machine. Also, eFax is a web-based subscription service which has also been integrated into some HP printer models and offered as an app for Microsoft Office 2013.

Subscribers can use innovative features such as digitized signatures, mobile applications and large file sharing. To download the free eFax Android app.