Eddie James, CKA® Owner of Harvest Wealth Management, Interviewed on the Influential Entrepreneurs Podcast Discussing Retirement Planning for Christians

Eddie James discusses following God’s guidance in building a career in financial planning.

Listen to the interview on the Business Innovators Radio Network: https://businessinnovatorsradio.com/interview-with-eddie-james-cka-owner-of-harvest-wealth-management-retirement-planning-for-christians/ 

Eddie James discusses the significance of Thanksgiving as a time for families to come together in the United States. However, he acknowledges that amidst the busyness and hectic schedules, it can be challenging to truly connect with family members, especially older generations like grandparents.

Eddie emphasizes the importance of taking the time to sit down and listen to the stories and values of grandparents during Thanksgiving. He recalls the cherished “sofa times” of the past when families would gather around and attentively listen to their grandparents share their experiences and wisdom. These moments hold great value as they allow younger generations, such as Eddie’s teenage daughters, to learn about their family’s history and values.

Furthermore, Eddie James acknowledges the obstacles posed by today’s technology-driven world, where teenagers often find themselves engrossed in smartphones and tablets. This constant distraction can hinder genuine listening and engagement in meaningful conversations.

In another segment of the episode, Mike Saunders and Eddie James delve into the concept that the steps of a righteous person are guided by the Lord. They discuss how, at times, it may be challenging to comprehend how various experiences and life choices fit together. However, with time, the bigger picture becomes clearer.

Eddie shares his journey of initially feeling uncertain about pursuing a career as a financial planner or advisor, believing that such roles were beyond his capabilities. Yet, upon reflecting on past experiences, he realized that God had been equipping him with the necessary skills and knowledge, even without his awareness. He mentions that serving in the kingdom and participating in spiritual gifts classes were integral parts of the process that eventually led him to his current profession.

Ultimately, the episode emphasizes the idea that although people may not always comprehend how different experiences and steps in life align, God is guiding and ordering their path. Through reflection and trust, they can begin to see the bigger picture and understand the purpose behind their journey.

Eddie shared: “Shepherding you to an impactful standard of living and standard of giving.”


About Eddie James

Eddie has a clear vision to do things differently as a certified pastor and fiduciary advisor. He wants to challenge conventional thinking in financial services that seem to be all about selling expensive and baffling financial products to the public to generate large commissions, but which never seem to solve the real-world issues faced by clients. He has established a client-focused business culture in which he spends time getting to know his clients, listening to them attentively, understanding them, and building a long-term relationship as a true trusted adviser.

Eddie believes that helping clients see money from God’s perspective changes every decision with money and so he is passionate about providing biblically-centric financial planning to help you achieve the aspirations and objectives you feel God is calling you in life.

He has an incredible innate ability to translate complicated financial and tax strategies into plain English. His diversified experience working with professional employees, churches, and other non-profits helps them understand and answer client queries to the best of his knowledge. He wants to make sure that his clients are as well-versed and well-organized financially as he is, with a defined plan for how their investment funds will be managed to achieve their goals.

Eddie is all about helping others. Eddie believes that helping clients see money from God’s perspective changes every decision with money. Christian clients want a return on their money and have an impact on the world. They realize the brevity of life and see their wealth to invest for eternity and so Eddie devotes a lot of his time to teaching financial literacy, leading a Stewardship ministry, and helping to create healthy churches in Arizona, the United States, and throughout the world. Eddie has a lovely wife and three lovely girls who occupy most of his time outside of the office yet encourage him to look after your funds as if they were his own.

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