Due To A Sharp Increase Of Midlife Crisis Women, Bre Wolfe Launches New Coping Strategies

Bre Wolfe, founder of Midlife Crisis Women, reports women are having a more difficult time in today’s hectic world having to navigating everything from marital discontent to career changes to aging and body issues.

Statistics show women have more opportunities then ever before, but it’s a double edged sword that bears greater stress and pressure.

Yale Psychologist Daniel Levinson proposed in his highly regarded theory on adult development, that the midlife crisis is more like a mid-life transition and should be a very normal part of life.

Wolfe agrees, “I believe transitions only become a volatile crisis when women repress and ignore their authentic need for change.”

In addition Wolfe states, “New strategies can help women understand their needs while getting them clear on new directions. The key is deciphering conflicting emotions so they pursue what they really want in life.”

Wolfe’s plan for success is based on action. “Take new actions, get new results”, she emphasizes.

The new strategies are proving to be more successful than simple talk therapy.  This is because it’s action based Wolfe states, “Women simply cannot expect the same results when they do something new.”

Here’s what some of Bre Wolfe’s clients have had to say about these newest coping tools.

“I only wish I found Bre earlier, I made major changes I didn’t think I could make and I am finally living a life I love”…Karen Bross,

“I got tired of hearing myself complain, once I started taking new action, I stopped complaining and started living”…Sandy Drahota

“Once I gave myself permission to be happy, everyone around me adjusted to the changes and we all have grown because of it!” Emma Thembani.

Women who believe they’re experiencing a midlife crisis can learn more about making lasting changes towards happiness by downloading a Free Mp3 Interview and Checklist at Midlifecrisiswomen.org or by calling 808-344-4788.