Dr. Vincent E. Schaller MD Treats Student Athletes, Launches Delaware Outpatient Concussion Clinics

WILMINTON, DE – In response to the growing number of Delaware student athletes experiencing head trauma, and the limited number of available concussion specialists, Dr. Vincent E. Schaller, M.D. has announced the upcoming launch of Concussion Clinics of Delaware, a member of the MAC Alliance to provide more timely care to the children.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that nearly a half million emergency department visits for traumatic brain injuries are made annually by children aged 0 to 14 years of age.

“Our children are at risk for a concussion at any age – it is just part of being an active kid. It might be the result of a fall, a car crash, or a sports injury. No matter how a concussion happens, symptoms do not always develop right away.” says Schaller.

“It may take days before signs of a problem might appear. Many kids, unaware they have been hurt, try to pick themselves up and get back to whatever they were doing, which is dangerous.”

In a new study, physicians from Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center also report that approximately half of athletes wouldn’t report concussion symptoms to a coach.

Dr. Schaller responds, “All adults interacting with active children need to understand evolving information regarding prevention, symptoms and treatment of concussion in today’s fast-paced world. Our overwhelming access to data should be balanced by credible dialogue with professionals familiar with our communities.”

In August of 2011, Governor Markell signed Senate Bill 111 formalizing the Delaware Interscholastic Athletic Association’s existing policy on requiring a medical clearance before athletes who have received a concussion can return to play.

“When you look at the data and the long-term effects of concussions – especially repeat concussions – it paints an alarming picture,” Markell said. “Sports has gone beyond outdated adages about getting ‘dinged,’ ‘playing tough,’ and getting back into the game. Concussion can be serious, potentially life-changing injuries. We’re stepping up and treating them with the seriousness they deserve.”

Concussion Clinics of Delaware is committed to increasing baseline compliance, education health care providers and raising the bar on the quality of care for Delaware’s students.

The first MAC Concussion clinic is expected to open to patients in North Wilmington on May 1st, with additional centers planned in Kent and Sussex counties.

More information on the Concussion Clinics of Delaware can be found online at http://www.delawareconcussionclinics.com.

More information on the MAC Alliance can be found online at http://www.maconcussion.org/