Dr. Vijay Ram Speaks At NASDAQ About Gaining Clarity In Volatile Times

Cognitive Scientist and Bestselling Author, Dr. Vijay Ram, spoke recently at NASDAQ about how people can gain clarity about their lives and decisions – even while living in volatile times. Speaking to an audience of financial advisors, business executives and entrepreneurs, he spoke about the impact that mounting, unknown factors can have on decision making. People can feel mentally paralyzed and unable to make decisions.

Dr. Ram found himself in this type of situation in the past — feeling unsure, unclear and mentally stuck. He explained, “At NASDAQ I shared the story of how self-sabotaging beliefs nearly destroyed my life. Thankfully, I was given a lifeline after discovering a repeatable cognitive effect during my doctoral work on mental processing. This effect allowed me to think clearer than I ever had before. Suddenly I had a process that I could use for making decisions in my life— especially for areas where I was stuck. My life changed dramatically after that. It is now my passion to teach the RAMIC process to those who want to get answers to their dilemmas and feel better while doing so.”

Dr. Ram’s “3 Tips for Clarity”:

• Practice articulating weak feelings at the back of your mind – the more you do it, the more you’ll discover insights embedded in them.
• Recognize when you are emotionally attached to an issue. Sometimes it can be near impossible to think about it clearly and see new possibilities in such a condition.
• Remove emotional blocks by learning to accurately express how you feel (versus talking about circumstances). You have a built-in relief system that activates when you do this properly.

Ram explained, “My life’s work is to help creatives get ‘unstuck’ in their work, relationships and self-image. I help them become extraordinary problem solvers, decision makers and emotionally strong individuals.”

Ram added, “In this period of major market swings, it’s important to be able to think clearly and be emotionally balanced. Otherwise, you can be blind to valuable opportunities as well as victim to any number of mental biases and tricks your mind can play.”

Dr. Ram describes in his #1 best-selling book, Clarity on Demand: 3 Keys to Mental and Emotional Clarity, 3 key skills that help one achieve a state of clarity: awareness, expression and memory. By understanding what they are and how they work to create clarity, one can improve their ability to deal with complex emotions, think through elusive problems and make decisions confidently.

About Dr. Vijay Ram

Dr. Vijay Ram is Cognitive Scientist who specializes in the area of clarity and clear thinking. He is the developer of the RAMIC clarity process. He uses it help creatives from all walks of life eliminate mental blocks as well as achieve heightened levels of problem solving, decision making and emotional relief. His research background spans the areas audiologic perception, neural modeling, brain neurology, cognitive processing and skill acquisition. He holds 5 degrees, 4 of which are from UC Berkeley and is a visiting research scientist at the University of California.

To learn more, visit his website at: http://www.ramic.com/.

Clarity on Demand: 3 Keys to Mental and Emotional Clarity is available online at: https://www.amazon.com/Clarity-Demand-Keys-Mental-Emotional-ebook/dp/B07DD8TZ1H.