Dr. Steven J. Varkony Plastic Surgeon Discusses Scarless Plastic Surgery Procedures

Dr. Steven J. Varkony is a plastic surgeon practitioner with offices in Beverly Hills, Encino, Sherman oaks and Los Angeles. For 20 years now, Dr.Varkony has been practicing plastic surgery. . Dr. Steven Varkony received his education from a prestigious plastic surgery institution known as McGill University. It is based in Montreal, Canada. He studied general surgery and plastic surgery there. He then proceeded to do a fellowship at the University of Southern California. It is in California that he decided to base his business.
He specializes in facial surgery, liposuction, breast surgery, arm lifts, tummy tucks, and face lifts among other procedures. What is different about Dr.Varkony is that his practice has no restrictions. Most plastic surgeons either specialize with the face or the body but seldom both. Dr.Varkony specializes in both areas. The main procedures he conducts are face lifts, scarless arm tucks. Scarless arm tucks involve a modified procedure by Dr.Varkony where he makes a horizontal insertion at the arm area to avoid any scars running down the arm. Arm tucks involve extra skin hanging at the arms. They are usually popular among women through aging or weight loss. The conventional procedure usually involves longitudinal insertion (Brachioplasty). However, this procedure is guaranteed to leave scars. Scarring after an operation is something many women would love to avoid. Most people undergo plastic surgery to look and feel better about themselves. This is not a guarantee if the result is scarring. This is something Dr.Varkony has been able to avoid through his modified procedure. The operation takes up to an hour. It involves taking out 2 and a half -3 and half inches of skin. A candidate for this procedure would be a woman having lost a small amount of weight. What sets Dr.Varkony apart from other plastic surgeons is his ability to conduct a scar less’ arm tuck. There are a few, if any, plastic surgeons that have revolutionized the arm tuck operation. Their procedures end up leaving a woman with visible scars on her body. This makes a woman unable to wear sleeveless clothing as this will expose her scars. This ends up making a woman have self-esteem issues. This is usually ironic seeing as she decided to undergo the procedure to get rid of self-esteem issues in the first place.
Another thing unique with Dr.Varkony’s practice is a 30 minute breast enlargement. Most people go about this operation by making an incision on the breast itself. This ends up scarring the breasts. Breasts are a feature every woman would want to stand out. Choosing to undergo this procedure, women want them to look better and more attractive. The scar factor changes this result. Dr.Varkony understands this need, and that is why he has a different way of going about it. He makes an incision in the crease of the armpit. Everyone has creases in their armpits. He proceeds by opening the crease and putting an implant under or above the patient’s muscle depending on how their chest, muscle and ribs look. This is what is unique about his mode of operation. Another factor that is unique is the short amount of time this operation takes. What most plastic surgeons are not aware of is that it is not necessary to cut into the breast to place and implants behind the breast. Not only does it end up scarring the patient but it also becomes a highly cumbersome operation. What makes most people shy away from this process is imagining the recovery time that comes after undergoing these processes. Most procedures require a long recovery process which is coupled by pain and a lot of bed rest. This is not the case with Dr.Varkony’s breast surgery. A woman can undergo the procedure on Friday and get back to work the following Monday. Their tight schedule will not be interrupted by recovery time and post operation pain. Another operation, Dr.Varkony, would want to highlight is the mini face lifts he conducts. These procedures end up taking up to 15 years of someone’s face. They make you feel and look younger. It takes a short operation time and recovery time of up to a week. This is dependent on the type of mini face lift done. It involves no pain and no scarring at all. Dr.Varkony feels that the number of patients undergoing plastic surgery is steadily growing. This is because many of these people have realized that they can afford it. Many people have known how easy and effortless it is to look better. Many more techniques are developing especially in the liposuction field. The plastic surgery industry is now able to reach people of all statuses. Previously, plastic surgery was associated with movie stars, famous celebrities and the incredibly rich. Today, the average next door mom can undergo plastic surgery.
What many people had not realized before was how affordable the procedures are. With growing knowledge about plastic surgery, this is slowly changing. Dr.Varkony projects higher numbers in terms of breast surgeries; mini face lifts, arm lifts and other procedures.
His procedures have gained positive results with testimonials from his patients on his website. The first step is to schedule a trip to his office. There you will receive a guideline on what procedure is best suited to your needs. It is important to note that these procedures are not limited to women. There are plenty of men out there feeling inadequate and under-confident about their bodies. Dr.Varkony specializes in neck lifts, face lifts, male breast reduction and liposuction. You can visit his website at http://www.drvarkony.com