Dr. Steve Broe Announces Success And Leadership Book To Be Released In May 2015

Executive coach and speaker Steve Broe is set to release his next book, Leading the Way Up Mt. Olympus – How Acts of Leadership Help People to Become Successful in May 2015. This is Broe’s third book on leadership.

Broe has been working on this book since 2012. He began by asking successful people from all walks of life and in different careers, “How did being a leader help you to become successful?” He interviewed 35 people to develop this book.

Broe says, “I talked to CEOs, serial entrepreneurs, a doctor, a dentist, and venture capitalists. One of my respondents appeared on the cover of Seventeen Magazine after selling her Internet business for over a million dollars.”

“I learned that everyone stumbles,” Broe said. “Everyone experiences failure at some time in their life. I had the privilege of talking to these successful people about what they did after their stumble. That’s what I’ll be sharing with my readers – What do leaders do to recover?”

“I also learned that successful people think a lot about helping other people,” said Broe. “I want everyone to know that leaders help people – a lot!”

No stranger to leading while remaining a strong member of a team, in a Forbes magazine article, ‘We Don’t Even Know What’s Possible’: Leadership Lessons From Barbara Bush by Kathryn Dill, Barbara Bush says, “I still lean on so many other people now who have built great organizations in for-profit and non-profit…We’re trying to get an impactful global health program off the ground, but at the same time we’re trying to build the infrastructure that can support that work.”

Broe’s new book release is scheduled for release on Kindle and in print, May 2015. It includes nine chapters, interior illustrations, and a list of books that successful leaders read.

Steve Broe has released two previous leadership books. His last book, Leaders in Transition was released in 2012. He holds a doctorate in organizational leadership from the University of Phoenix and lives in Scottsdale Arizona. He is also an amateur musician and enjoys public speaking. He is a member of Toastmasters International and the National Speakers Association as a candidate member.

To learn more about Steve Broe, visit his website at: http://www.mycareerimpact.com.