Dr. Robert L. Orme Provides Non-Invasive Fat Reduction Using Freeze Technology

Salt Lake City, UT, USA – March 26th 2014         Dr. Robert L. Orme of Lone Peak Dermatology and MedSpa provides yet another alternative in body fat reduction using the science of freeze technology and a procedure known as CoolSculpting.

“What drew me to it was the science behind it,” said Dr. Orme. “Using science to our advantage we are able to freeze localized areas of body fat at a precise temperature that causes fat to crystalize without any damage to surrounding tissue. The crystalized fat and treated fat cells are then eliminated from your body through a natural and permanent process.

While this is not a weight loss program, a typical patient is someone who has exercise resistant areas of fat around the abdomen, thighs and arms.  Reducing the underlying fat has helped our patients feel more confident about their appearance in and out of their clothing.”

Kim Kardashian, model and cast member of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” echoes Dr. Orme’s statement on having confidence in your appearance.

Kardashian elaborated, “If I don’t feel confident about my body, I’m not going to sit at home and feel sorry for myself and not do something about it. It’s all about taking action and not being lazy. So you do the work, whether it’s fitness or whatever. It’s about getting up, motivating yourself and just doing it.”

CoolSculpting can be an alternative for someone considering liposuction but without the risks of infection or anesthesia. Dr. Orme relates that a lot of people they see have actually had a liposuction procedure but were unhappy with the results which Orme added, “sometimes manifest in irregular indents or out pouching in the skin.”

Dr. Orme, the first to introduce this FDA cleared procedure to Utah 5 years ago, explains that he’s never seen similar irregularities with the hundreds of patients they have treated with the CoolSculpting procedure.

Before its introduction to the States, CoolSculpting had its beginnings in Canada and Europe where it became a popular non-surgical procedure due to its offering of little or no downtime recovery.

“The procedure is minimally uncomfortable and you’re able to get right back to normal activities. One treatment will provide a visible reduction within a two to three week period, with overall results occurring over a two to three month period while your body safely eliminates the destroyed fat cells,” added Dr. Orme.

Dr. Orme has been offering his patients the CoolSculpting procedure as a non-surgical alternative for the last five years.

“I don’t have to wear the extra cover-up… and I don’t have to wear the special mom [swim] suit. We know what those mom suits are.” said Nicole, mother of twins and satisfied CoolSculpting patient.

Kelly, an avid golfer now in his forties explained his reason for CoolSculpting.

“I could never get this extra [fat] layer off… and I had it since I was a teenager. When I heard about this procedure I couldn’t think who it would fit more than me,” said Kelly

And recently, NewBeauty Magazine just recognized CoolSculpting as “The Best Body Treatment” in NewBeauty’s Fourth Annual Beauty Choice Awards Jan. 2014

To contact Dr. Robert L. Orme or to learn more about the CoolSculpting procedure visit the website, Lonepeakmedspa.com or call Lone Peak Dermatology and MedSpa direct at (801) 688-0050.