Dr. Ray Drury, Charlotte Upper Cervical Chiropractor, Reveals Health Care Secret

Dr. Ray Drury practices Upper Cervical chiropractic care in Charlotte, NC.  He has been practicing and teaching Upper Cervical care, a specific form of chiropractic, for over twenty years and has helped patients from all over the world suffering from a variety of conditions.  Dr. Drury has recently written a book, The Best Kept Secret in Health Care, No Drugs or Surgery Required, which was published by Two Harbors Press.

With only 1200 doctors worldwide practicing Upper Cervical care, it is not widely known. Dr. Ray Drury’s book educates on the healing benefits of Upper Cervical chiropractic and how the specific form of chiropractic care differs from general chiropractic and traditional medical practices.  He also provides numerous testimonial histories from patients with serious medical conditions and little hope that showed health improvement transformations after Upper Cervical treatment.

Upper Cervical and general chiropractic care share a common history and they are both based on the proper alignment of the bones in the spine to allow the messages from the brain to efficiently reach all parts of the body to maintain health.  General chiropractic corrects misalignment in the full spine while Upper Cervical focuses only on the upper two cervical vertebrae in the neck, the atlas and the axis.  Upper Cervical doctors correct misalignment in the upper two vertebrae because if the top two bones are properly aligned, the vertebrae below can align themselves.  The small upper bone in the neck acts as a bottleneck for all of the nerve fibers carrying critical information from the brain to all of the cells in the rest of the body.

The human brain is designed to be level and has its own reflex to make sure the head always stays level or parallel to the ground.  If one of the two upper bones in the spine is misaligned, then there will be other reactions going on below in the spine to compensate, and the body has to bend, and twist, and curve the spine in an attempt to level the head. If the head and neck are not properly aligned there is a potential for disruption of the critical messages from the brain, which can lead to multiple health issues.

Upper Cervical treatment uses data from specialized instruments including precise x-ray analysis that is accurate down to one-quarter of a degree to determine the exact correction that is needed for precise alignment of the upper two bones in the spine.  The very specific correction performed with Upper Cervical allows for the correction to hold for long-term results, reducing the need for adjustments over a longer period of time.

Dr. Drury said, “Upper Cervical chiropractors are trained to find and correct misalignment in the upper cervical spine, the top two bones. When the misalignment is corrected, the nervous system is allowed to flow unimpeded from the brain to the rest of the body, which in turn, allows the body to heal itself.”  Dr. Drury continued, “I don’t treat specific conditions. I find the interference to my patients’ normal healing potential, remove it, and then allow the body to heal itself. We all have everything we need within our bodies to be 100% healthy.”

Humans all have what chiropractors call Innate Intelligence, that self-healing intelligence that is the energy that travels from the brain through the nervous system to the entire body. That is an intelligence that all humans were born with that controls the body 100% of the time and helps fight off bacteria, infections, viruses, and diseases. If that process gets interfered with, then sickness and disease can be the result.

“As Upper Cervical doctors, we don’t fix anything; we just remove the interference to the normal function of the body,” said Dr. Drury.  “The Innate Intelligence does the healing. No man in the history of mankind has ever healed anything, but we go in and remove any interference to the healing potential that is already within us.”

Dr. Drury conducts classes at his office every other week to help people understand how the body works and why proper alignment is so important. Most patients come to him because they have a complaint, some sort of ache or pain symptom, and so they want some relief.  He teaches that the hard part is getting well. The easy part is staying well. He has patients that can hold an adjustment for a year at a time, and those patients report that they don’t get colds, flu or allergies and they remain healthy. He contrasts his treatment, which helps the body to get into a proper state, allowing it to function normally, with that of traditional medicine that provides a chemical for each symptom, which in turn often produces other symptoms.

Dr. Drury’s experience is that the absolute worst outcome for a patient under Upper Cervical care is to have no change. Most of the time, his patients notice large improvements, and sometimes they are immediate. Dr. Drury reports that there are no negative side effects with his treatment.

For more information, visit: http://www.DrRayDrury.com/doctor.html.