Dr. Michael Stultz, Prescott Chiropractic And Rehab Discusses Auto Accidents

Dr. Michael Stultz of Prescott Chiropractic And Rehab recently sat down with The Western Medical Journal to discuss the challenges of being involved in a auto accident. Dr. Stultz informed the Journal’s readership of what to do and what not to do when faced with this daunting situation.

“The first course of action one should take is to assess the accident scene first and foremost. Who was involved? How many drivers? Were there multiple occupants in the car you hit or you were hit by? Whatever it is, you write this stuff down. It’s a very stressful situation so the more information you write down the better it’s going to be.” explained Dr. Stultz.

Dr. Stultz recommends that you get a through medical diagnosis after an accident.  It is a critical step, he points out.

Attorney Lawrence Lazzara of Parker and Lazzara in Chandler, Arizona agrees. “If an accident victim does not desire a hospital visit then medical documentation from a competent health care provider will suffice.” This is important for medical expenses and addressing other hardships associated with an accident situation.

Dr. Stultz also covers other important information that can be critical in accident situations. Topics such as low impact collisions, police reports and injury victims are discussed.

Dr. Stultz is known in the Prescott community for his educational and pro-active approach to chiropractic care. He feels it is his personal mission and the mission of his practice to inform the public on health care issues of vital importance to the community.

The complete interview can be found at westernmedicaljournal.com.

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