Dr. Lori Gritz, San Diego, CA, Smoking Cessation Expert – I How To Quit Smoking In 30 Days With Acupuncture

Dr. Lori Gritz, a San Diego Smoking Cessation Expert, says, “Having lost family members to lung cancer from second-hand smoke, I am passionate about using my education skills and partnership with the University of Arizona to help people win the battle to beat this debilitating and life-limiting addiction. In my 20 years of treating patients, I have found that acupuncture is an effective tool in quitting smoking, permanently.”

Studies show that smoking contributes to allergies, asthma, inflammation and chronic pain. Smoking slows down the healing process and interferes with recovery. People who breathe second-hand smoke are also at risk of developing cancer and heart disease. It’s a sad fact that children who live with a smoker are sick more often with infections, colds and asthma and are more likely to die of SIDS. Most insurance companies are now covering the costs of Acupuncture treatments.

Quitting smoking is one of the most difficult things one might ever do. Most smokers attempt to quit a minimum of three times before finally kicking the habit. That said, there is hope. Some of the conventional methods for smoking cessation have failed, prompting smokers to look outside of those mainstream approaches and turn to alternative medicine. Acupuncture has an been proven to work for the treatment of addictions. In fact, in many states, incarcerated people who have addictions have had a reduced sentence when receiving acupuncture treatments.

Benefits Of Acupuncture As A Smoking Cessation Tool

• Helps balance the overall body and all of the systems to help create an environment for optimal wellness

• Reduces your cravings for cigarettes and makes the taste of cigarettes very distasteful

• Helps reduce jitteriness and anxiety, promoting a calmer state of mind

• Improves sleep and helps reduce inflammation in the body

• Helps to support one’s energy and reduce withdrawal symptoms that include: headaches, digestive disorders, elimination disorders and pain

In addition, smokers that quit can save close to $6/ day, $40/ week, $170/ month – over $2,000 per year. In 20 years, quitting smoking today will save one over $40,000.

According to the University of Arizona’s Project Reach, some of the many rewards for quitting include:

• Having the body begin to heal within 20 minutes of your last cigarette

• Nicotine leaves the body within 3 days of quitting

• Protect the health of others

• Being a role model for the children whom you care about and for other tobacco users

• Having more time in your life

• Feeling proud of your accomplishments

• Saving money

More About The Acupuncture Method

A “best practice” smoking cessation program using Acupuncture should include counseling on the initial visit, prior to beginning the 30-45 min. treatments that include hair-like needles, delivered in a painless manner, to various points around the body, along with relaxation and guided meditation. For optimal results, a minimum of four treatments per week, for four weeks, is recommended. Most people enjoy their acupuncture treatments and sometimes even fall asleep. Taping tiny gold pellets to one’s ear and Chinese herbs may also be included in between treatments, to reduce cravings. Phone consultations (usually 10 minutes) may also be a part of the process. A final, brief medical and emotional review, plus providing additional resources necessary for success, completes the program.

Research indicates the effects can last up to five years by reducing the taste for cigarette smoke.

Tips To Prepare For Success

To begin the journey to become smoke-free, The University of Arizona’s Project Reach has created the START Program, advising:

S- Set a quit date
T- Tell family and friends and coworkers what you plan
A- Anticipate and plan for the challenges you will face while quitting
R- Remove tobacco products from your house, car and work
T- Talk to your doctor and pharmacist about getting help to quit

The University of Arizona’s Project Reach offers a 30-day smoke-free program in San Diego, CA. Dr. Gritz is participating as the leader of the Acupuncture Program.

To find out more about Dr. Gritz and the The University of Arizona’s Project Reach call (619) 829-4418. Or, visit http://www.quitsmokingwithacupuncture.com.