Dr. Liesa Harte – Proactive and Dramatic Health Makeovers Enhance Quality of Life

Austin, Texas resident, Dr. Liesa Harte has been a lifelong, precocious learner, graduating college at the young age of eighteen to become an accountant. She got involved in a United Way project which introduced her to many resident physicians in training and she became intrigued with the idea of becoming a doctor and helping to make people feel better.

She went to medical school over twenty years ago and quickly became disenchanted with the narrow focus of diagnosing diseases quickly and treating ill patients with drugs.

“When I went to school, I thought I was going to find out the root causes of disease. I’d had all these questions that I’d been saving up my entire life, things that had happened to different people in my family, such as my grandfather who had a heart condition. I wanted to figure out why people got sick and intervene so they didn’t get sick,” says Dr. Harte.

She further states, “But then, in the third year, you put all that knowledge on the shelf and then it’s all about how quickly can you see how many patients, listen to them just long enough to be able to label them, which is all a diagnosis is, and what drug can you prescribe to them. And that’s it. Get them in, get them out.”

Dr. Harte had the good fortune of going to the Canyon Ranch Medical Spa after she finished her residency. She realized that she had been learning ten-year-old technology, rather than the cutting edge medicine she craved.

Over time, she continued her search, both in France and back home in the U.S., for offering different and better medical options to her patients. She recently became one of only 141 doctors to be certified in functional medicine worldwide.

Dr. Harte helps people who have been too busy working and living their stressful lives to pay much attention to their health. She uses a combination of high tech and low tech approaches to assess, treat and then educate her patients on the changes they need to make to live a longer, healthier life.

“I absolutely love taking on patients like that because I like things to be intensive and I swoop in and I help them by doing all these very cutting edge tests and in-depth questions also. I figure out are they having trouble sleeping? What is their neurotransmitter status? What is the status of their hormones? If they have toxins. Their actual cellular nutrition. Their genetics. And also their belief system.

I leave no stone unturned and I do these dramatic health makeovers. My practice is called Elite Care and I treat everyone as if they’re elite,” says Dr. Harte.

Dr. Harte specializes in treating energy and aging problems, poor nutrition, hormones issues and getting rid of inflammation. She looks for the root causes and then eliminates what they’re at risk for and what they’re experiencing.

She says, “I don’t want people to need me forever. I empower people. I’m an educator and an advocate for my patients. I love teaching and I’m teaching them lessons they will never lose. We don’t have the guide book to life so I help them assemble that for themselves.”

Dr. Harte is currently licensed to practice medicine in California, Texas, Pennsylvania and Connecticut. She will travel to those states, and even see patients in their home or office, to treat those who have time issues that prevent them traveling to see her.

To learn more about Dr. Liesa Harte, visit: http://drliesa.com.