Dr. Jonathan Hyslop, DC, Teaches Natural Healthcare Doctors How To Grow Their Practice

Dr. Jonathan Hyslop, D.C., Executive Director at Nexus Executive Academy located in the San Francisco Bay Area educates Chiropractors, and other Natural Healthcare Practitioners and Doctors, on the business side of how to build a successful practice. According to Dr. Hyslop, the biggest problem practitioners in private practice are having is that they are not business people, they are technicians. As technicians, they don’t always plan for all of the business aspects of setting up and maintaining a successful practice.

Dr. Hyslop says, “Practitioners need to be trained in the business behind being in practice so they can deliver the best treatment and patient care they are capable of. Many are working for themselves so they also have to run their own businesses. Without astute business sense, especially in today’s marketplace and economic climate, it is all too easy to make very costly mistakes. These mistakes can be in the area of administrative processes as well as marketing and sales. Without proper insight and foresight into their business, practitioners create a practice culture that is undesirable for them to operate for a long period of time and that leads to stress, burnout, and at the very least, a loss of income. We help them streamline and set up the best system in each area of their practice.

Since the economy has slowed, many Chiropractors in private practice are struggling with how to get new clients and maintain existing ones. Dr. Hyslop advises his clients to install NEA’s administrative framework to save time and effort and to hire assistants and associates to take care of routine office tasks so that they can put themselves into the highest dollar return activities such as working with and enrolling clients into their services.

His company, Nexus Executive Academy offers an online business solution for Natural Healthcare Doctors and Practitioners. NEA is the culmination of Dr. Hyslop’s 15 years of experience in the healthcare industry as a student, a doctor, and as a business owner. It provides Doctors and Practitioners a proprietary framework that is composed of best practices in every area of practice including installable frameworks in areas such as receptionist duties, patient enrollment, patient care financing, treatment, quality control measures as well as public relations and marketing. NEA also delivers online education courses designed for practitioners to learn the business and marketing skills they need to grow their practice and offers website based management, consulting and education services.

Dr. Hyslop says, “NEA is different from other practice management services and systems in a few ways. We’re mainly an online based consultancy. Natural Healthcare Practitioners appreciate learning our methodologies from their home or office, rather than attending expensive seminars or paying a lot of money to a consultant without knowing what their results will be. We offer a month-to-month subscription and the practitioner can learn at their own pace. Practitioners can install our program and implement our systems in their practice very quickly.”

For more information visit the NEA website at: http://www.NexusExecutiveAcademy.com/about-nea. Contact NEA by phone at: (415) 702-3416. Dr. Hyslop maintains a blog for natural healthcare practitioners discussing current industry trends and issues at: http://www.NexusExecutiveAcademy.com/blog/.

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