Dr. Helen Hu, OMD L.Ac San Diego Integrated Chinese And Western Medicine | Eliminating The Pro Cancer Condition

Dr. Helen Hu, OMD, L.Ac San Diego Integrated Chinese and Western Medicine Practitioner says, “Eliminate the pro cancer conditions in the body and the body will have a better chance to win the battle against developing cancer.”

When a discussion takes place as to how Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) can help prevent cancer, at first you might think we have to take something to kill the cancerous cells in order to prevent those cells from growing into a tumor. Many believe that by the time cancer cells begin to grow in a body, that body already has a “pro cancer condition” that creates a cancer-friendly environment.

The concept of “pro cancer condition” is very broad. It is a condition of imbalance between our body and our living environment (such as extreme sun exposure, cold, hot, dampness, or pollution), and an imbalance of our internal organs.

The cells in our bodies need a healthy, nourishing, and non-toxic environment. Like the optimal soil conditions necessary for seeds to grow, our cells require the right temperature and ph-balance to function normally. No matter how good the “seeds” are, they cannot grow well in a bad soil. Similarly, our cells cannot function normally in a pro cancer condition, a condition that increases the chance of someone producing cancer cells.

Another part of the pro cancer condition results from an imbalance within internal organs, which primarily derives from an unhealthy diet, lifestyle and stress. These imbalances can create phlegm or stagnate the blood or Qi (energy). If there is blockage in these areas, both congestion and deficiency will occur – as if a river was blocked; one side would result in congestion, the other side would be void of water (deficiency).

If stagnate water stands for a long time will turn into a rancid pound, in a body congestion that would create a lump that starts to grow in the body.

A blocked river has no fresh water flowing. When there is a deficiency in the body it has no circulation to provide nutrients to the organs.

In the pro cancer condition, organs lose their balance and the body does not have the strong immunity necessary to clean up the toxins, thereby creating a weak defense against cancer cells.

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