Dr. Charles Sarosy Of SD Body Contouring Offers New, Natural Alternative To Traditional Breast Augmentation

A new natural breast augmentation procedure provides an alternative to traditional implants, says Dr. Charles Sarosy of San Diego’s SD Body Contouring. Natural breast augmentation uses the patient’s own fat to enlarge the breasts, allowing women to avoid the risks associated with silicone or saline implants.

“At SD Body Contouring, more than half of our practice is breast augmentations; we perform approximately 400 augmentations a year,” says Dr. Sarosy. “Some of our patients who are considering having their breasts enlarged are concerned about the potential dangers of implants, such as implant leakage or capsular contracture. For them, this natural procedure is an ideal alternative.”

Apart from the ability to enlarge the breasts without implants, natural breast augmentation offers a number of advantages, according to Dr. Sarosy. “Because natural breast augmentation only requires two small incisions through which we introduce the fat into the breasts, there tends to be less scarring than with traditional implants,” says Dr. Sarosy. “Another benefit is that the fat is harvested from an area of the patient’s body, typically the abdomen or the hip, which leads to improved contouring in the harvest area.”

Dr. Sarosy cautions that natural breast augmentation is not an ideal solution for all patients. “For patients seeking a dramatic transformation, natural augmentation is not going to provide the results they desire,” he says. “The majority of our patients want to go up at least two cup sizes, whereas natural breast augmentation typically only lets patients increase their breast size by half-a-cup to a cup at most.”

Additionally, while natural breast augmentation does allow patients to avoid the risks associated with implants, the procedure does carry its own potential hazards. “I would say that the size limitation is the number-one downside to the procedure, but there is also the fact that not all of the fat implanted survives,” cautions Dr. Sarosy. “The amount of fat that does survive depends on how many stem cells are harvested; some of the rest may dissolve or undergo necrosis.”

This causes an abnormality called micro calcification, which can cause a false positive for breast cancer during a mammogram, according to Dr. Sarosy. If the patient is not aware of this risk, the mammogram results may lead to an unnecessary biopsy. However, a well-informed patient can alert her doctor to the fact that she has undergone a natural breast augmentation procedure, so that the doctor and patient can make decisions following the mammogram with complete information.

No matter which method of breast augmentation the patient is interested in, Dr. Sarosy and his experienced staff at SD Body Contour can provide helpful information and expert consultation to help her make the best decision possible for her desired end result. One patient writes, “I went for a consultation for a breast augmentation with Dr. Sarosy and his staff, and they were wonderful! They went over everything with me and answered every question that I had. After meeting with Dr. Sarosy, I was very confident that he was the doctor that I wanted to go with to do my procedure.”

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