Dr. Ben Fishbein Discusses How Far Technology Has Come In the Field Of Orthodontics

We know that going to the orthodontist probably isn’t on your list of fun activities. Ours either. But after a trip to Dr. Fishbein’s orthodontic office we were left with a better appreciation and respect for orthodontists. After all, their mission is to make everyone smile better.

One of the top practitioners in his field, Dr. Fishbein knew he wanted to be an orthodontist when the first job he took in high school was at an orthodontic office. He says “I enjoyed working with the patients and watching them improve their smiles. Ever since then I knew I wanted to be an Orthodontist.”

Being an orthodontist seems like largely thankless work to us. Dr. Fishbein insists, however, that he enjoys his job immensely. He says that, “The most rewarding part of my job is increasing the self confidence of my patients. I have seen self-conscious teenagers turn into confident young adults due to their new smile. Transforming a patient’s smile is a true reward that I am blessed to be a part of.” We observed a young man come in to take his braces off, and the atmosphere was that of a true celebration. Dr. Fishbein’s assistant photographed the special occasion and provided treats that were not allowed while wearing braces. The young man certainly enjoyed all the attention being given to him!

For those who are still not convinced, there’s good news for the future. Technology has come a long way in the orthodontic field, and a lot of advances have been made that benefit clients. The greatest advances in technology in orthodontics have been in aesthetic treatment options. Invisalign, behind-the-teeth braces (incognito), and ceramic (clear) brackets have come a long way since when they were first invented. As a preferred provider of Invisalign, and the only Incognito provider in Navarre, Fl. Dr. Fishbein tells us that the adult population in his practice has grown from 15% to close to 30%. He says that “as Invisalign and other aesthetic treatment options get more precise and faster, I believe more and more adults will seek orthodontic treatment as a cosmetic improvement to their smile.”

And that’s not even the end of it. Dr. Fishbein is excited about technologies that are still in their infancy – that have been developed but are not being practiced on a mass scale yet. Accelerated Orthodontic treatment is one such technology. This is the name given to methods to increase the speed of orthodontics, anywhere from 37%-50%. This means that a patient, who would need braces for 2 years, may only have to wear them for 1 year. These methods are currently available, but Dr. Fishbein believes that increased clinical trials are still needed to show the true effectiveness and long term results of these systems.

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