Doug Albee – Riverside, CA – Used Car Dealer | How To Avoid Curbstoners When Buying A Used Car

Doug Albee, a Riverside, CA Used Car Dealer says, “Oftentimes the person who can least afford the loss will lose all of their money by buying a used car off the street or from a personal ad when the seller is a Curbstoner.”

Curbstoners are used car dealers who place their autos on the curbside and sell them under the guise of being private sellers. Curbstoners can make massive profits by selling off their less than desirable automobiles this way.

This allows unethical dealers to offload vehicles that might have been totaled out in other states. Purchasing a car with a salvage title can result in considerable loss. It can leave drivers with vehicles that may not hold up in an accident and that will likely need major repairs within a very short period of time. More importantly, consumers who buy used cars from curbstoners often spend well beyond the actual resale values of the vehicles that they purchase.

Albee also tells us, “When buying from a private party, always be sure the name on the title is the same name on the sellers driver’s license. If they don’t match the person probably does not own the used car.”

Request Vehicle History Reports

Riverside, California sees its fair share of curbstoners. Before purchasing a car from someone believed to be a private party, buyers should always ask plenty of questions. It is best to start by learning why the seller is looking to get rid of the car and by asking about its maintenance history and past owners.

All of this information can be gleaned from a vehicle history report. This is a report that is unique to the automobile’s VIN number. It will let consumers know whether or not auto insurance claims have been filed and settled in relation to the car. Drivers can also learn all about the past vehicle owners and the overall maintenance schedule. Getting a vehicle history report is a good way to stop an unethical seller from moving forward with a bad deal. If a vehicle has been totaled out in another state, this report will provide information about where the car was totaled out and why.

Shop Through A Reputable Dealer

Another easy way to avoid curbstoners is by shopping around for a trusted Riverside, California used car dealer. Dealers have a greater level of accountability when it comes to the products they sell. This means that if something goes wrong with a purchase shortly after it’s been taken it off the lot, the buyer will have a sure form of recourse.

With curbstoners, it can be difficult to track sellers down, file small claims and get compensation for the resulting losses. More importantly, the average used car dealer is also concerned about his or her professional reputation and will likely work hard to avoid negative reviews and other feedback that could diminish the overall appeal of the business. Much like when shopping for vehicles on the curb, however, buyers still want to make sure to request vehicle history reports, even when shopping for used automobiles through reputable Riverside dealers.

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