Dorina Lanza Exposes the Secret Wealth Accumulation Loophole Used for Decades by the Rich

Boston Massachusetts, USA – February 26, 2014 Dorina Lanza has just released her new wealth accumulation program. The program exposes and teaches entrepreneurs how to use the secret wealth accumulation loophole that, until now, has been known only to the very rich.

“It is about time that the Americans learn of this (legal) way to privately accumulate and store money outside of the IRS’s domain,” said Dorina Lanza, Managing Director of White Tiger Financial, LLC. “One of the main things I see holding people back from maximizing their financial leverage is the continuous misinformation campaign is that is being waged by the media – with Wall Street’s backing. They have people brainwashed into believing that a 401(k) and similar mechanisms are the only way to go to accumulate retirement wealth while those ‘in the know’ would not touch such programs with a 10 foot pole.”

Lanza continued by saying that “It is about time that people learn that they can accumulate wealth and secure their retirement by taking advantage of this little known section of the IRS code. This loophole allows people to accumulate wealth tax deferred, with no risk of loss of principal, and, if structured properly, receive the benefit of their accumulated funds tax free. And, it can be used by anybody.”

Forbes Magazine editor, William Baldwin, echoes Lanza’s sentiments. “Don’t put any more money in your tax deferred retirement savings,” said Baldwin. “This is heresy in a world where people hate taxes and it is taken as gospel that you should defer them if you can.” Baldwin continued, “That’s not necessarily true anymore. After a year of turmoil in Washington, DC and on Wall Street, it’s time to rethink your savings. You might be better off skipping the 401(k).”

This process is not just theory. Lanza has been delivering this service to private clients for years. Her new program is about a well established way to maximize wealth and ensure retirement security. Yet, not one in 100 people are aware of it even though it has been used by the very wealthy, financial institutions, and large corporations for decades.

For more information about the program you can contact Dorina Lanza at 1-561-290-2180 or via her web site at