Doctor Of Osteopathy, Erik Olson, Sets The Record Straight About Non-Invasive Treatment

Many surgical procedures are considered necessary but sometimes preventable. Since the 1800s Osteopathy has gained popularity but has often taken a back seat to traditional Medical practices until now.

Doctor of Osteopathy, Erik Olson, sets the record straight about non-invasive treatments and physical medicine. Dr. Olson says, “We have been trained to integrate different areas of medical doctors. We have to know our pharmacology and how medications work; physiology and how the human body works, anatomy, biochemistry and things like that. We also have to spend a significant amount of time learning about manipulative treatment and treating the muscular skeletal system in the way that osteopathy was originated.

According to the Journal of the American Osteopathic Association, Osteopathic Medicine Holistic Approach is more important than ever because it provides a more holistic and comprehensive approach to treating patients than does allopathic medicine. Dr. Olson agrees. “Osteopathic medicine is a type of alternative medicine that emphasizes the physical manipulation of the body’s muscle tissue and bones. Because of the rugged nature of Alaskan’s recreational and professional outdoor activities, physical medicine is a very practical approach to helping many people with non-invasive procedures to diagnose and treat pain.”

Osteopathic care is actually part of a healthy lifestyle that is not only necessary for adults, but children and elderly as well. Even though it seems as if a child would not need a physiatrist, osteopathic treatment for children, particularly for children with chronic illnesses such as cerebral palsy, brain injury, musculoskeletal problems, learning disabilities, and many other problems is helpful in easing a child’s pain. And, just like adults, any misalignments, such as scoliosis, can affect the function of their nervous systems. Thankfully, osteopathic care is here to help.

Helps with Arthritis

Osteopathy can help some arthritis sufferers. Treatment is individual, gently moving and stretching an arthritic joint and massaging surrounding muscles and tissues can help ease some of the discomfort. Sometimes an osteopath may work on general mobility of the other joints and muscles in the body to help the mechanics of the body work better.

Helps with Asthma

Dr. Olson offers assistance to asthma sufferers by working on all aspects of the breathing mechanism, including the ribs, spine, diaphragm and other muscles of breathing.

It also works on the nerve control of the chest as well as blood and fluid supply to the bronchi and lungs. Osteopathy can also play an important preventative role in the care of someone who is suffering from asthma.

Osteopaths recognize that the functions of the human body are inherently linked and can affect each other. With this in mind, the Osteopath gently works with the body’s structure, to enhance and improve the mechanics of breathing by:

• freeing restrictions of the chest and ribs
• relaxing the respiratory muscles
• improving lymphatic draining from the lungs and air passages
• enhancing blood supply to the chest region

Other areas of management include the formulation of an individual exercise program – with emphasis on breathing exercises – and the avoidance of aggravating factors.

The Elderly

Aging is a natural physiological process. One part of the body that is greatly affected by the process of aging is the musculo-skeletal system. As we get older, the elasticity present within our body deteriorates and this increases the chance of injuring the soft tissues and bony structures of the body.

It is common for people over 55 to suffer the effects of osteoarthritis, namely pain, stiffness and restricted movement.

Osteopathic treatment can be used to relieve these distressing symptoms and many others.

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