Discovering Tansy: A Sanctuary of Plants and Home Décor

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Tansy is more than just a plant nursery; it’s a vibrant, emotion-filled home décor accent shop. Shawna Christian, the passionate founder, has curated items from around the globe, creating an insanely colorful space that evokes joy and emotion. “It’s my baby,” she proudly declares. 

A Journey of Transformation 

Before diving into the world of plants and home décor, Shawna dedicated 24 years to managing a successful outsourced IT firm. However, the sudden passing of a close friend made her realize that life is too short not to pursue her true passions. “As much as I loved my old job, it was time to move on,” she explains. With her kids grown and a long-standing obsession with plants and home décor, Shawna decided to transform her home into a sanctuary. This passion naturally evolved into Tansy. 

Embracing Change: From IT to Plant Nursery: Taking the Leap 

Shawna’s decision to change careers wasn’t made lightly. Inspired by her late friend’s unfulfilled dreams and a desire not to let life pass her by, she knew she had to act. “Once I turned 50, I realized that if I didn’t change what I was doing, I never would. I didn’t want to die there,” she reflects.  

Transitioning from a secure job to starting a new business was daunting. “Fear is the biggest piece that stops you from doing things,” Shawna admits. Despite the rapid transition, she leveraged her extensive experience running a company to write a business plan, secure a small business loan, and find a location in Burbank. “It all happened so quickly, I almost didn’t have time to scare myself out of it,” she laughs. 

Adjusting to a New Reality 

Moving from a stable corporate environment to the unpredictable world of entrepreneurship was a significant adjustment. “Owning your own business is crazy. There are days I’m putting out fire after fire,” Shawna describes. Despite the financial uncertainty and chaos, the satisfaction of seeing her accomplishments makes it all worthwhile. “Do I miss having money and not worrying about money? Definitely. But I would never go back.” 

Community and Mentorship 

The transition to entrepreneurship revealed the importance of mentorship and community. Shawna recalls, “I had a great mentor who taught me invaluable lessons that I couldn’t have learned in college.” This mentorship inspired her to support other women in finding their voice and pursuing their dreams. 

Building a Community  

Tansy is not just a nursery; it’s a community hub. People visit Tansy as a field trip, drawn by its vibrant atmosphere and curated items. “The look on their faces when they first enter is something I wish I could bottle,” Shawna says. The shop hosts workshops, parties, and pop-ups, supporting local artists and fostering a sense of community.  

One of Tansy’s standout initiatives is the Teen Titan program, where girls aged 9-13 work in the shop, learning business skills and gaining confidence. “By the end of the summer, these girls are confidently helping customers,” Shawna shares. This program has become a vital part of Tansy’s mission, empowering young girls during a critical period in their lives. 

Impacting Lives 

Shawna didn’t anticipate the profound impact Tansy would have on her community. “The amount of women who seek advice and mentorship from me is overwhelming,” she says. Helping other women find their path and gain confidence has become a significant part of her life’s mission.  

Starting a business comes with its challenges, but Shawna emphasizes the importance of self-confidence. “If you don’t believe in yourself, you won’t convince anyone else,” she advises. The support of her community and the joy of seeing her vision come to life keep her motivated. “The pros of living this life far outweigh the cons,” she affirms.   

Visit Tansy  

If you’re in Burbank or Seattle, visit Tansy and immerse yourself in its vibrant community. Can’t make it in person? Check out their website at and follow them on social media: ShopTansyLA for Los Angeles and ShopTansySEA for Seattle. To listen to Shawna’s full story on Women in Motion, click this link: 

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