Discover Business and Passion with Master Aesthetician, Spa Owner, and Business Coach Lana Ivanov

The Pandemic has made the beauty industry to become overly competitive. Statistics show that 50% of aesthetic businesses are now closing their doors within the first two years of business.  According to Lana Ivanov, one of the ways in which female entrepreneurs can stand out from the crowd is by positioning themselves to become experts in their fields.

Meet Lana Ivanov. She is the CEO and Founder of Vonavi Pro, an International Aesthetic Business Coach, and a Skincare Expert. Lana is powerhouse! She is a passionate businesswoman who continues to empower and educate people to feel confident about improving the health and care of their skin. With over 20 years of business experience in healthcare, spa, and aesthetic practice consulting, Lana has honed her expertise as both an Operator and a Consultant.

Her passion in life has always been in women’s empowerment and personal development which she takes to a new level with her business coaching.  Lana Ivanov developed Aesthetics Business Consulting and VIP Advanced Training to help other aestheticians and beauty business owners to live their dreams to the fullest, grow their expertise as well as achieve financial success. 

Lana’s VIP Training program which is available online and in-person is geared towards teaching aesthetic entrepreneurs profitable action steps to building a highly engaged team and a loyal cliental as well as educating on facial techniques, microblading and advanced skincare.

“Believing in yourself is number one,” Lana states. “Every expert was once a beginner. You must master your craft, and never stop investing in yourself” she adds.

Any aesthetician can operate a spa and provide basic facials or other services, charging $65 for a facial and barely making enough to cover rent and bills. Ivanov saw this gap which led to her creativity and passion for skin health and beauty.

Lana not only cares about building her own award-winning spa, but she also desires in helping other aestheticians build their own profitable businesses.  She has been featured on high profile publications such as Forbes, and Vogue and has spoken to hundreds of aestheticians at the largest beauty trade show in Las Vegas. Lana is also a host of her own Podcast show “The Beauty Queen,” where she shares her beauty secrets and interviews other successful six-figure beauty business owners.

“I wish I had someone like myself when I started my business to help and guide me” says Ivanov, “but, unfortunately, I did not have anyone to rely on and I had to learn from my own mistakes and experiences” she states.

Lana Ivanov’s achievements do stop here.  She has added published Author to her list of accomplishments.  She is a contributing author of Amazon’s #1 bestseller book, “Corporate Dropouts”, from Employee to Entrepreneur. This book is based on stories of courageous women who left the corporate world and embarked their own journey of starting their own businesses redefining success and building a life based on their own terms.  Lana’s success story and advice will help aspiring skincare entrepreneurs build businesses of their dreams.

Dr. Tracey recently wrote:

I went in for eyebrows and left with so much more. I met Lana when I went in for a microblading appointment. As she worked, we chatted about our businesses, and when I went in for my touch up 2 weeks later, I decided to train with her to carry her skincare line. Lana is the best kind of mentor: she is experienced, knowledgeable, successful, and generous with her time.

She has been so supportive of me on my journey, and her skincare products are phenomenal! I’m proud to carry products that were formulated with such care, and that are so effective.

As a holistic health practitioner, I’m very concerned about the safety of the products I carry, but not all natural products actually work. Vonavi Pro products contain natural, clinically effective ingredients, so I feel confident recommending them to my patients.

Lana trained me on how to use all of the products in her line, so I know which products to use and recommend to which clients. She answers any questions that I have, and my clients love the products as much as I do!  Anyone fortunate enough to have the opportunity to work with Lana and her products should jump at the chance! Your clients will thank you!

Dr. Tracey Steady Hardcastle, Licensed Acupuncturist Specializing in Cosmetic Acupuncture Lakeville CT, and Pittsfield, MA

Lana Ivanov hopes that passionate Aestheticians and Spa business owners will take advantage of the Aesthetic Business Consulting and Training to help position themselves as the go-to expert in their fields with proven methods that work.   

“Learn from the best, and you will become the best, surround yourself with successful people. Being open minded and teachable is the to become the best” says Lana Ivanov.

If you’re an aesthetics professional who is ready to consistently exceed revenue goals, deliver outstanding client service, build engaged team members, and have a

steady flow of high-paying clients then your passion is your destiny to achieve high profits. Visit for more information.

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