Derek Bowen Of Silver Moon Studio Helps Businesses Promote Themselves With Video Marketing

Derek Bowen, co-owner of Silver Moon Studio of Montreal is helping businesses promote their products and services through a full service video program that eliminates much of the time and trouble associated with the more traditional video production methods.

Derek states the following, “Silver Moon Studio has developed a program that simplifies the video creation process and eliminates many of the frustrations associated with copywriting, scheduling, editing, pre- and post-production. Business owners can now get their marketing message out to their audience in a compelling and cost effective way so they grow their business. We eliminate many of the headaches with the use of client questionnaires for each step. The production process, from start to finish, is then controlled in-house.”

Susan Weinschenk, PhD, is a leading author, speaker and consultant to major brands like Amazon, Disney and Wal-mart. She has identified four reasons why people are attracted to video. First, the human voice has an amazing way of transforming information into meaningful content for the viewer. Second, the human brain has been hard-wired to use the human face as a focal point for information and believability. Third, emotions are contagious and video has a way of easily conveying emotion in the tone of voice, visual content and even the type of sounds and music used in the background. Finally, the movement or motion found in a video grabs the attention of the audience. Human beings have survived and evolved because they have noticed things in motion. Video delivers all of the above in spades.

Bowen adds, “Companies are electing to have  a variety of different types of videos produced for their marketing campaigns.  Most people are familiar with the 30-second video ad that is often seen on TV, however, doodle animation and motion graphic videos profiling the business are popular as well. Satisfied customers providing an on-camera testimonial are also gaining  in popularity. We want to use the best video option to deliver the message.”

He concludes, “What separates our video productions from the rest, is our ability to optimize and SEO the video when it is uploaded to the Internet. Over 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube alone every minute. That is a lot of content. If your video is not properly optimized for the search engines, the chances of customers finding your video message when they are searching for their products or services are slim at best.”

Business owners have a misconception that video is an expensive and time consuming process that makes it out of reach as a viable marketing tool for their business. With today’s technology, video should be considered as a fundamental part of any businesses marketing plan and not just a possible option.

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