DentoMetrix Helps Dentists Navigate Google Algorithm Changes Like Panda 4.0

Los Angeles based DentoMetrix is a digital marketing agency that helps dentists get more patients. Co-founder and managing partner, Barak Granot explains, “Marketing is not a one trick pony that you do and you get more patients. For our clients, we handle many different aspects of their online presence, including social media, online reputation management, helping them request patient reviews and search engine optimization. We help clients maintain their existing patients for a longer time, find new patients and establish their brand.”

The concepts of adding “Keywords” and using “Search Engine Optimization” to help business websites “get found” has been around for many years, but it has undergone many changes as search engines have gotten more sophisticated in how they rate and rank the data shown on the Internet when a consumer searches for a web page. Granot says, “SEO, which stands for ‘Search Engine Optimization’ refers to the actions that you do on your website and on other websites so that search engines will find you and place you higher in the search engine rankings. If your website is highly visible potential patients will be able to find and contact a dentist easily.

97% of people use the Internet when they are searching for local services like a dentist. When they search, we want to make sure that the dentist is seen. The alternative to search engine optimization is pay-per-click advertising, which is expensive; most dentists don’t have a big budget. SEO, unlike pay-per-click, doesn’t turn off immediately when you quit doing it, but it does have to be kept up, because if you don’t keep it up, your competitors will and then your website ranking may fall.”

Organic searches are the search results which a person sees when they enter in a search in a search engine such as Google. In the case of Google, there is something commonly called the “Google algorithm” which controls what webpages are shown on the first page of the search results and in what order. Businesses try to be in the top three results for their industry and geographical area because most people end up calling or visiting only the first few businesses on the page when they are searching for a service-based business.

Recently, Google announced another round of changes to the mysterious Google algorithm; this update is called Panda 4.0. Panda 4.0 has been designed to defeat businesses trying to get higher search engine rankings by posting a large amount of low quality content on their website. Dentists who have used low quality article spinning services or software could find their website ranking dropping due to Panda 4.0. A site that many have had hundreds or thousands of visits per day due to being ranked highly in their area may no longer be found on the first page if Panda 4.0 doesn’t find the website to have high quality information.

Granot says, “For dentists, SEO has to be an important part of your marketing strategy, but you must also make sure that your entire Internet presence presents you in a professional light. Today people perceive the dentist at the top of the search results, the one with a ton of great reviews, as ‘the best’ and that’s the one they choose when they’re looking for a new dentist.” DentoMetrix is one of the top companies that provide SEO services for dentists. For more information about Barack Granot and DentoMetrix please visit: