David Hoffmeister’s Book “Quantum Forgiveness: Physics Meet Jesus” Quickly Achieves Best Seller Status

Author and mystic, David Hoffmeister announces his new book, Quantum Forgiveness: Physics Meet Jesus hit number 1 on the International Amazon Best Seller list in multiple categories including Religion & Spirituality, and Nonfiction: Politics & Social Sciences this month.

The journey to bestselling author spans more than twenty years of dedicated spiritual work. During that time, David Hoffmeister has touched the lives of thousands of people worldwide with his consistently peaceful state of mind, radiant joy and dedication to Quantum Forgiveness. His journey includes the study of many pathways culminating in a deeply committed practical application of A Course in Miracles (ACIM) and the non-dual Oneness of quantum physics.

Hoffmeister’s wisdom birthed the Living Miracles Center’s communities in Utah, Spain, Australia, Canada and Mexico where participants demonstrate the practical application of living in complete forgiveness. His communities are filled with people who are devoted to awakening and living the steps laid out in ACIM. They connect with David to extend his non-compromising teachings through a vast Internet ministry, audio/video media forums, written publications, inspirational gatherings using music and movies for awakening. This vibrant and prolific Living Miracles Community collaborates to provide live stream web events, and festivals like  “Strawberry Fields Music Festival and Enlightenment Retreat” 2012-2014 and “Quantum Weekend” 2015 at the only A Course in Miracles Monastery in the world.

Hoffmeister’s new book, Quantum Forgiveness: Physics Meet Jesus, offers the reader a way to access these mind expanding concepts through explanations of seven remarkable movies. The seven chapters, structured as modern-day parables, offer a guide to an experience of Quantum Forgiveness and an awakening to permanent peace. Quantum Forgiveness: Physics Meet Jesus combines the science of the material universe as understood by Quantum Physics, forgiveness as taught by Jesus 2,000 years ago, and movie-watching as a spiritual tool interpreted in a useful way through the vision and clarity of a modern day mystic.

Gabrielle Bernstein, New York Times best-selling author of Miracles Now commented, David Hoffmeister is a beautiful teacher of A Course in Miracles. In his new book, Quantum Forgiveness: Physics, Meet Jesus, he offers a unique and powerful pathway for transcending fears and strengthening your miracle mindset. I recommend this book to anyone on a committed spiritual path. I absolutely adore David and all of his work!”

To find out more about David Hoffmeister go to: http://davidhoffmeister.com.

Quantum Forgiveness: Physics, Meet Jesus is now available in print at: http://store.livingmiraclescenter.org/collections/a-course-in-miracles-books/products/quantum-forgiveness-physics-meet-jesus-1.