Dating Coach, Jessica Smith, Helps Navigate People Navigate The Dating World And Manifest True Love

Many single professionals are at a place in their life where their thumbs are actually getting calloused from swiping right. It is so hard and they’re ready to give up.

Jessica Smith is a Dating Coach who uses unique techniques to help successful people confidently and enthusiastically navigate the world of dating and manifest the love they are looking for and get rid of that callous.

During her interview with Keri Murphy on Inspired Living TV, Smith’s unique process was spotlighted.

Smith said, “When I work with clients, I tailor my services to meet their needs. And when I look at my clients, I will look at the whole person. I will see how their health is, what is their career like, and their social life.  I will look at all of that because so many times if there’s something that’s happening with our health, it affects our love life. If we have no social life, that affects our dating life. I’ll go in and figure out what isn’t working and just tweak things.

She explained that people have problems with dating is hard because they’ve stopped having fun with it. As a whole, people have developed a fanciful view of how their love story is going to play out.  But the stories are changing these days.

“A lot of my clients are at a point in their life that they’re very serious about finding the love of their life. And they’re also very overwhelmed and frankly very frustrated. They tried the dating app, they tried matchmaking, and going out to bars.  And they’re like, I just can’t, I can’t do it.”

Her process begins with her sitting down with them for an intake session.  Then, she analyzes their dating difficulties and their situations. She generally works with them on a weekly basis for about eight weeks.   For higher-end clientele that are super busy, she does half day intensives.

Murphy asked, “If you were going to give one piece of advice to someone right now who is ready to make that next step, what would you say?”

Smith replied, “I would say be open to miracles and be prepared to find love around any corner. We can find people anywhere, anytime, anyplace…airports, gas stations, malls, wherever you go. Wherever there are people, there’s a chance to find love. So I would tell people to stay optimistic, to stay excited. And you never know when love will find you.”

Jessica Smith has coached individuals from single men and women, to professional athletes, film producers, executives, and single divorced parents.

Jessica offers a safe space for her clients to feel more confident, sexy, empowered, and supported. She is your corner man in the ring, for dating, in your match for love as she gracefully educates her clients so that they may know themselves and their opponent well.

As well as being a public speaker, Jessica stars as a Dating Coach in the documentary, LEAP. Jessica was honored as an Ambassador for Jade Yoga Mat, PrAna Influencer, as well as an international Circle of Grace Member for Zohba, reserved for a small, elite group of leading and inspiring teachers.

For more information, visit her site,, and subscribe to her podcast, Game of Love with Jessica Smith.