Dan Villamil, Window Tints Everything, Tint Is Like Upgrading Your Windows To Be Money-Saving Machines

Villamil has over 40 years working with tint and brought his company, Window Tints Everything, to Glendale four years ago. Villamil started out doing auto tint years ago when he was unemployed and met a business owner who taught him the business. He was always interested in autos and back then “liquid” tint was the big thing. After 3 years, he started his own business focusing on residential and commercial window tint and leaving behind auto tinting.

Today, he works primarily with a polyester type film (which isn’t the same as polyester clothing) which lasts 15-20 years and comes with a lifetime warranty against defects. Window tint is commonly associated with its ability to provide heat reduction which makes it an ideal business in sunny and hot California, however, damage to homes comes from more than just UV. According to Villamil, “UV rays only account for 50% of the damage the sun can cause indoors. 25% is from the sunlight itself and 25% is actually caused by the heat introduced into the home.” He adds, “We don’t see UV rays, they come through even on cloudy days—UV rays like to bounce, especially when house next door is close.”

Tinting/films can be used on any type of window or door; there are many different types for different uses. In addition to heat and light reduction, tint can be used for childproofing, or even earthquake safety film. Earthquake film will hold the window or glass door together if it is damaged. The FEMA guidebook also mentions using safety security films on windows for schools to increase safety.

Currently existing tint that has aged can be replaced without harming the window or glass door. Most homeowners don’t realize that adding tint can be a green option. He says, “It’s like making a single pane window into a double, or double into a triple pane window. The cost savings over time more than pay for the tint!”

According to Villamil, in the world of choosing tint for Commercial jobs, return on investment is often the biggest question for high value tint jobs. Villamil explains, “Each product provides data and specifications for what it does and how that translates into cost savings. It is very helpful on Commercial jobs where the Engineer can use that information to help a business understand how quickly they can pay for the cost of the job and how much to expect each year in energy savings.”

For more information about residential or commercial window tinting visit: http://windowtintseverything.com/. Window Tints Everything can be reached at (323) 419-0617. Offices are located at: 6058 San Fernando Rd., Glendale, CA, 91202. The service area is from Santa Barbara to San Diego.