Dan Skoczylas Is Making The World Safer One Background Check At A Time

In an ever-changing world, it’s important for business and property owners to know exactly who they are hiring or renting property to. Dan Skoczylas of CLS Background Investigations (www.cls-ent.com) understands how important it is to prevent employers, organizations, landlords from unintentionally hiring, associating with, or leasing to unscrupulous employees, volunteers, or tenants.

With over 40 years of combined law enforcement experience, Skoczylas has pushed CLS Background Investigations is to the forefront of background check technology since establishing the business in 2000. With a focus on constantly incorporating the latest technologies, Skoczylas offers his clients up-to-the-minute background checks allowing them to make the best decisions possible, whether hiring a new employee or choosing from prospective tenants. Skoczylas views all interactions between his clients and CLS Background Investigations as partnerships and as such, makes sure agents are accessible and available throughout the process.

Background checks are becoming more and more relevant as people demand accurate and up-to-date information about the past activities of those they – or their children – interact with. No longer just for high-security clearance jobs, background checks are becoming par for the course thanks to companies like CLS Background Investigations. “I love providing our clients with peace of mind that they are doing their due diligence with regard to their background investigations program,” Skoczylas said. “There is nothing more rewarding than helping a youth athletics club identify a volunteer coach applicant with a serious criminal past before the coach is entrusted with a group of children.”

Over the past two years, CLS Background Investigations has experienced a surge of interest, business, and growth due, largely, to the company’s expanding roster of services and Skoczylas’ commitment to using the latest technologies available. CLS Background Investigations and Skoczylas are dedicated to providing excellent customer service and dogged persistence in pursuing the best information possible to their clients – even when that information is hard to come by. When a routine background check came back with some unanswered questions, CLS Background Investigations pursued the matter further, ultimately uncovering a well-hidden criminal past.

“Further comparison of the file with the history of the convicted felon revealed an address match for mandated drug testing ordered by the parole board,” Skoczylas reported. “This address match ultimately lead to the case being closed out with a verified match of the two files being the same person. This allowed the client to make a better informed decision with regard to the suitability of this individual for the position.” Keeping clients well-informed is Skoczylas’ mission in business and in life. Allowing them to make the best decisions possible with all the relevant information is what Skoczylas finds the most rewarding about his business. “A properly conducted background investigation can prevent major issues down the road and will always mitigate liability of those that are not prevented,” Skoczylas said.

You can find out more about Dan Skoczylas and CLS Background Investigations at http://ww.cls-ent.com.