Dale Spencer Is Fueling Success By Helping Harness Fear

Having a great keynote speaker can set the perfect tone for any event, conference, or gathering. Dale Spencer, of Dale J. Spencer, Inc. (www.dalespencer.com), is an experienced keynote speaker with an impressive roster of clients that includes the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation, Boston Children’s Hospital, and the Boys Scouts of America. Spencer is looking to bring his brand of inspirational keynote speeches to a wider audience, who he believes can benefit from his unique message – overcoming fear.

Spencer specializes in helping his audiences not only overcome specific, self-limiting fears, but also encourages participants to re-frame their fears into the drive to succeed. With his program “Moving Forward: Incorporate Your Fear Into Fuel For Future Success!,” Spencer asserts that he can help businesses achieve more by helping employees harness their fears and use that energy for greater professional good.

“As a result of overcoming fear, I help build more revenue for your company,” Spencer says. “I offer manageable steps to cope with life’s fearful situations, how to create a backup plan and strategies on how to re-purpose for future success.”

When he was just 20 years old, Spencer suffered a life-changing injury left him paralyzed. In the process of adapting to a new way of life, he had to learn how to control and harness the power of his own fear. In doing so, Spencer realized that the power of fear could be rerouted to fuel success.

Now, working as a professional speaker, Spencer is bringing his message to the world. “The first question I am often asked is why I want to start my keynote speaking business. The answer is simple,” Spencer says. “I had horrific fear in my life. Certain steps helped me overcome my fear. As a result, it helped me in my journey to success. I feel that, every day, I am paying it forward with these vital tools.”

Audiences are responding to Spencer’s message, as well. Kevin Menzer, Chief Operating Officer of the Management Association of Illinois, recently invited Spencer to speak at the closing of an industry event and was impressed with his ability to engage the audience. “Dale Spencer provided the perfect closing keynote for our event. His message is inspiring and universal, and it resonated with participants,” Menzer said. “They walked away feeling inspired and returned to their workplaces with a positive, success-driven attitude.”

For more information about Dale Spencer and Dale J. Spencer, Inc., visit: http://www.dalespencer.com.