Dakota Country Media Strategist Patrick Hurinenko Launches Online Media Consulting Services

Patrick Hurinenko an Online Media Strategist has discovered the “secret sauce” to helping business professionals become the undisputed authority in their field. Patrick believes that any business professional not leveraging the power of the media to position themselves as a leader in their field is missing a tremendous opportunity.

Patrick Explains “In today’s ever changing business climate just placing a full page print ad or trying to rank at the top of Google is not enough. Having the ability to say I was quoted on major news affiliates like FOX, NBC, ABC and CBS will give the consumer a reason to pick that business over their competitors.”

Online Marking Genius Dan Kennedy echoes Patrick’s words “ If you aren’t deliberately, systematically, methodically or rapidly and dramatically establishing yourself as a celebrity, you’re asleep at the wheel.”

Business Professionals have to walk a completely different path in order to distinguish themselves from the competition. Positioning themselves as the authority, educator and advocate for their prospects is the formula for setting themselves apart from their competitors. This can be achieved by publishing articles, press releases, publishing ebooks and giving away free reports to customers and potential prospects.

One key component to becoming an authority is the trust factor. Building trust is tantamount when the professional is converting prospects into new customers. The prospect has to have confidence in your ability to fulfill and deliver. The method to gain that all important trust factor is to have the “AS SEEN ON” logo place on your website, brochures and business cards. This will give the business credibility, trust and a reason for potential customers to chose them.

Patrick’s method for helping his client build authority is to conduct a 10 to 15 minute interview. He writes an article based on the interview subject matter. His clients can re-purpose the article into a report for their prospects. The article will be distributed to FOX, NBC, ABC and CBS affiliates for syndication. If the client has a book Patrick can make them an amazon best seller.

“The take away for the business professional is they will be light years ahead of their competitors and be in a position to charge higher fees plus have the ability to write their own ticket.”

To find out how to position yourself as the authority in your  profession email Patrick at patrickhurinenko@gmail.com for more information.




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