Curtis Jones Houston TX Helps Small Business Using Big Screen Solutions

Curtis Jones President of New Age Advertising Network, Marketing agency in Houston TX has been helping local business owners attract new customers using offline methods, while most advertising these days are moving online. He believes there is still untapped opportunity for business to benefit from in the offline world and has been doing so in a innovative way, in front of a captive audience.

As recently quoted in Investors Business Dailey “Advertising is challenging” The effectiveness of traditional marketing tactics is declining at a rate faster than executives can figure out how to best leverage all of the new media opportunities out there,” — said Mark DiMassimo.

Mr. Jones confesses by running a local marketing business it became clear the advertising techniques that once worked well before are not as effective as they were years ago. The traditional magazine, newspaper print ads and phone books that produced favorable results no longer brought in new customers and quickly became clear to him that business model had shifted.

After the internet arrived on the scene and everything shifted in that direction with no looking back. Getting new customers for his clients became a problem that he and other business owners were experiencing yet they continued paying high prices for the advertising that wasn’t working and kept getting little results.

There was much hype about advertising online was the new way to go however, Curtis said after much research, internet advertising turned out to be expensive and felt intimidating. He continued to search for affordable effective ways to get his client’s message into local communities. He found some “do it yourself” online solutions but they turned out to be too technical and time consuming.

Statistics were reporting each passing year that consumers were going online by the masses and unfortunately he saw many good offline companies that had been around for years were going out of business. The Internet was revealing a new digital world, people were searching Google to find local goods and services instead of phone books. It’s seemed effective affordable ways for local offline businesses to advertise became a thing of the past.

Mr. Jones asserts this problem required some innovative solutions knowing there were still some offline strategies that could work. He remembers taking his car to be washed and as he was sitting in the waiting room noticed how it seemed to be a place of downtime for him and other customers quietly waiting. He observed many of the cars were luxury vehicles and SUVs and a thought came to him in that moment, this was a smart place to capture consumers attention with disposable income during some rare downtime.

That waiting room was a great place to get a message in front of a local audience while having their undivided attention. So he made agreements with the owners of the car wash to purchase digital big screen monitors placing them inside of busy waiting rooms.

Now local business had a platform to get their message out in front of a captive audience. He also started creating short video commercials for his clients then streaming them onto the big screens, the rest is history. Mr Jones said although online advertising has been a good in many ways, it’s still gratifying to know there are yet other innovative ways offline that is effective  and using big screens to help small business has been one of them.

Curtis Jones