Create a safer environment through Cleaning with CICS Ltd

For over 10 years CICS Ltd has offered the highest quality cleaning services, predominantly in the UK but will soon be expanding into Canada, USA, New Zealand and the EU. They specialize in commercial cleaning, industrial cleaning and specialist cleaning services. The specialist cleaning focusses on biohazard, crime scene and trauma cleans.  Overall, they provide specific tailored solutions to each client’s needs. CICS Ltd works professionally, with complete integrity and the highest health and safety credentials in the industry. 

Shayne Warden is the founder and Executive Director of CICS Ltd. Shayne has always worked for herself and been entrepreneurial, focused on challenge, and a gap in the market presented itself during the recession and that is when Shayne decided to take on the challenge and CICS Ltd was born. Her background is in Industrial catering services in South-Africa, supplying 27000 meals a day to the MoD, military hospitals, boarding schools and reformatory schools with a smaller emphasis in cleaning.  

Shayne’s motto has always been that there is nothing you cannot do – just set your mind to it and then develop the pillars to support your goals!  If you can see it, believe it, you can achieve it.

Shayne is passionate about supporting the World Goals and with this in mind CICS Ltd have invested, implemented, tested, sold and conquered the roll-out and use of a sustainable cradle to cradle probiotic product range which is 100% environmentally friendly. With water being an increasingly scarce resource, CICS Ltd takes both the work environment and social impact very seriously striving to use and distribute cleaning detergents that are made from renewable plant-based or probiotic resources and contain only substances with a proven minimal impact on people and the environment.

In order to keep up with industry trends and standards, CICS Ltd are currently leading in the way and it is estimated that within the next 5 years there will be a massive environmental shift in the industry forcing all companies to conform to using environmentally friendly products.  

There are so much involved in the professional cleaning industry when dealing with the environmental factors and coming into contact with biohazard elements. A biohazard technician is more than just your janitorial cleaner.  A biohazard technician is someone who must consider using the correct methodology, substances to use, protocols, waste hierarchy and knowing the legislative laws. Knowing how to deal with a scene where there may be several biohazards including human matter, HIV, Hep A, B, C and disease to name a few.

When tragedy strikes often families are left to deal with the aftermath.  After the police and emergency responders leave and adding to the grief of their loss, restoring the scene is the responsibility of the family, this is not only a harsh reality but a daunting and potentially psychological burden. Families and loved ones are left alone, that is where the professionals at CICS Ltd and the Biohazard technicians can help, with their professional crime scene and trauma clean recovery service, with a primary goal of a swift, compassionate and discreet recovery of the scene to a safe state. 

As specialists in the industry, CICS Ltd is also very proud to offer education via their Specialist Training Academy. They offer training to the cleaning industry specifically focusing on biohazard, crime scene and trauma cleaning.  They are truly trained to the highest standards possible to serve their clients’ needs in every way. 

Shayne’s leadership, and her team’s dedication to the environment and making clients’ needs a priority is what makes CICS Ltd such a unique and innovative company!