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Do you want to learn to Restore and Reconnect Your Relationships?

Do you want to live the happiest life you could ever dream of?

Do you want to create wealth?

It all starts with the right mindset…

Elizabeth Lucas-Afolalu has a tremendous amount of wisdom to share to assist you in living your best life possible! She is an Award-Winning Inspirational and Transformational Speaker, Writer, Coach and Entrepreneur Extraordinaire who inspires people worldwide with her personal story. For many years her passion has been inspiring and empowering and transforming lives and relationships for her clients.

Mindset is everything! Elizabeth believes everyone can become, achieve, be fulfilled, be successful and be happy with the right positive mindset. Also, having the right attitude, resilient and willing to change are important aspects of personal growth. Living life with determination, diligence, and having positive thinking and working hard can lead to a successful life you never dreamed of. 

She believes people can build deeper and healthy relationship with awareness of greater love, better understanding of ourselves and others, marriage and positioning. And it is possible to rebuild, reconnect broken trust and relationship, promoting and empowering relationship and family.

In her businesses, she enjoys coaching, mentoring and supporting women, young married couples and young adults. She believes this can transpire in relationships, families, friendship, success and prayer. She also has a company in which she creates personal, intentional and inspirational customized gifts. She has created thousands of unique and unusual memorable, creative, personalized, and inspirational gifts for all tastes and budgets. Elizabeth Kreations has taken the idea of creative gifts to a whole new level, with the innovative concept of actually buying minutes of time from the past, present, or future.

Elizabeth has a motivation and passion for business which led her to obtain Honours degree in Business and Management at University of Northampton, United Kingdom. Elizabeth has worked with several organisations in various fields and she is actively involved with and supports several NGO/Charities and for all her contributions and involvement, she was awarded Inspiration and Relationship Award, Legend Award for Community and humanity Currently, she is the Managing Director of Elizabeth Kreations LimitedDirector of Tokmez Limited, Founder of Yes You Can International. She is the UK Chief Bureau Editor of An American Magazine – Okuns group magazine and an exceptional Award-Winning Author of ‘Yes, You Can’. Featured in national press- NBC, ABC and FOX News, other Magazines including business magazine.

She is also an acclaimed author who writes in her book how she has failed several times and bounced back, overcome all adversities, challenges, financially, physically, emotionally abuses and trauma, and come up stronger. She has turned all her situations from impossible to possible and from negative to positive and believes anyone can do too and she is determined to help others as well. 

One of her mission’s is to support Youths, Women, Families, individually, locally and internationally, offline and online through media and resources, gifts, products, workshops, seminars and speaking engagements to:

– Change their Mindset

– Discover, develop, manifest their gift

– Build deeper relationship and maintain

– Restore and reconnect relationship and families

– Manage their emotions and be free and be happy

– Learn to forgive themselves and others

– Learn to love themselves and love others 

– Create Roadmap for the youths for the future

Her latest book Yes You Can is about her personal experiences and stories and how she used simple principles to become who she is today and what she has achieved so far. Also how her personal life and her relationships have been transformed. She is a living testimony and permit her to share some of what people have testified about her and her book.

In all her businesses and business ventures, Elizabeth puts forth her own inspirational personal touch. This makes her unique talents and products motivational tools that everyone can benefit from!


Mark Stephen Pooler

Mark Stephen Pooler is a Professional Speaker, International Bestselling Author, host of Business Innovators Radio and contributor to Small Business Trendsetters and Business Innovators Magazine covering Influencers, Innovators and Trendsetters in Business.