Craig Petronella’s New Book Becomes Amazon #1 Best Seller

Craig Petronella, IT Cybersecurity Expert, recently published “How HIPAA Can Crush Your Medical Practice…Why Most Medical Practices Don’t Have A Clue About Cybersecurity or HIPAA And What To Do About It.”

Petronella, CEO of Petronella Technology Group, Inc. in Raleigh, N.C. wrote this book to highlight the real and growing threat of cyber ransom. Here he offers solutions to stop thieves who attempt to steal confidential patient information from your servers and then hold you up for ransom.

“As an author and IT cybersecurity expert, it was exciting to experience being recognized as an Amazon #1 best selling author in three categories on their best seller lists in the medical field”, Petronella stated. “And to think that many of my clients will greatly benefit from reading my new book is surreal.”

Petronella explains that there are over 600 million viruses introduced to the Internet each and every year…and the number is growing.

“There exists an evil and malicious element hell bent on using technology to destroy all you have worked for. My book shows you how to recognize and identify the problem. Then there are steps to neutralize this type of cyber threat and protect your medical information while eliminating the possibility of fine or worse from the federal government.”

Jorge Lazaro Diaz states, “This book is definitely valuable.”

J Coleman said, “After reading this book I will definitely take a look at our security measures and how we can better improve both technical and work flow to minimize cyber threat.”

To get your own personal copy of Petronella’s ground breaking work, visit his name at Amazon Books.