Cozy Comfort For Christmas With

Who doesn’t want a pair of pajamas made with the love and care of their grandmother? That’s the special spark placed in every stitch of the fleece pajama pants they are sewing up at

Founder, Erik Anderson, says “We want everyone to be able to experience the ultimate comfort that is a pair of Grandma Pants pajama pants. When Grandma Rachel first stitched a pair for me in 1993 and know she never imagined becoming an international brand but, we knew everyone needed a pair.”

Just in time for the holidays the folks over at are offering 25% off every order and free shipping for any order over $75 with the promo code “GP25PRESS”.

The story behind Grandma Pants is a touching one. Erik Anderson’s grandmother, Rachel, started making these fleece pj’s for her grandchildren on their birthdays and Christmas as homemade gifts. Soon the rest of the family got wind of the comfort over at the Anderson’s and started requesting pants of their own.

Erik decided the world needed these pants in their lives and now runs the process of making the pajamas, and all of their products, in the same loving way his Grandma Rachel once did. These aren’t your ordinary pajama pants, just as Grandma Rachel wanted her grandkids to feel special and comforted the team at Grandma Pants want to give that experience to their customers.

Erik says, “We pride ourselves on using the highest quality fabrics with patterns you won’t find anywhere else. We have a pattern to fit any loved one in your life. We have sold thousands of pairs of these pants and we know that these are the best the industry have to offer. Our product is proudly made right here in Minneapolis, MN, USA. We wouldn’t have it any other way.”

In addition to the famous pants, also offers fun accessories, unique shirts and hoodies, and pajama shorts all with their strong emphasis on comfort and quality. “There is something for everyone in our online shop. From dog lover’s to hockey fans, we have a pattern that is right for that person on your list. Then, you can always treat yourself to a pair as well because 25% off is a great deal and the more you buy the deeper the discount.” said Erik of the current holiday rebate.

Location Info:
Grandma Pants Inc
801 W 106th St #200, Minneapolis, MN 55420
(952) 884-4973