Conscious Leadership and Women’s Empowerment Expert Anjani Amriit. The Tiny Program that Creates a Big Barrier for Women Business Owners

Businesses owned and run by women play a vital role in the economic performance of any country. And yet, the 2022 statistics reveal that inequality still exists when it comes to women in business. 

  • Over a fifth (22%) experience investors, colleagues or customers underestimating them
  • One in five (20%) feel they are not taken seriously 
  • 25% struggle with confidence 

According to Anjani Amriit, our social identity shapes our sense of who we are. It forms tiny neural programs in our brains that define and shape our goals, aspirations and leadership capabilities.


At birth, we are given a social identity based on our gender. Societies commonly expect women to play a caring and nurturing role. As a result, women who spend a lot of their time and energy on building a business often experience an internal conflict between their family roles, expectations and reality. Social expectations and social identity can be a critical barrier for women business owners. 


Most business coaches, trainers and mentors focus on external goal setting and strategies to stimulate growth. But this doesn’t deal with the inherent blindspots that women business owners have about their own abilities. 


In recognising this, Anjani was inspired to create her 5 Shifts to Overcoming Self Sabotage and Step Into Your Power Program. This Program supports women business owners to access free training to rewire their own unconscious gender biased settings and stand out as the trusted go to providers in their industries. 


Sharing her inspiration for creating the Program, Anjani said, “It’s not a lack of professional networks, male dominated workplaces or even lifestyle choices that holds women back. The biggest barrier for women in business is their own unconscious self-defeating stories. This Program is a dynamic accelerator for women business owners to re-write their internal settings and redefine what success looks like to them to achieve business growth at zero cost.”


Entrepreneur Justine Haversham, a Program graduate says, “Already I am unrecognisable to myself. Anjani has helped me to find myself, my spirit, my strength, self love and empowerment, community and connection. She is a miracle maker.  If you have the opportunity to work with Anjani Amriit, my recommendation is to grab it with both hands, hold on tight and enjoy the ride to a much better version of you!”   


Anjani Amriit is the go-to expert for women business owners who are ready to break the mould and carve out success on their own terms. An international bestselling author and in demand speaker, Anjani is regularly featured on TV, radio as well as print and digital media around the world. She has shared the stage with senators, notable dignitaries and celebrities. Recent media appearances include Ticker News, ABC Radio, Inside Small Business, Law Society Journal and Companies Digest. 


As a trusted advisor to leaders, politicians, founders, and entrepreneurs around the globe, Anjani’s client base includes women business owners of SME’s, as well as teams at Apple, Adobe, and VISA and founders of fortune 500 companies.  


Anjani hopes that women business owners will take advantage of her free Program to help them radically transform the way they identify themselves, redefine what success looks like to them and grow a successful business based on their own terms.


After taking the Program business owner Tanya Davies had this to say, Anjani is a wonderful presenter and gifted speaker with fascinating stories and a great depth of being and knowledge. Her Program literally healed and transformed my relationship with my business when I needed it most. It helped me re-identify myself on my terms, and also gave me practical tools that truly worked to literally transform my business. I never thought this could be possible, but it is. I am truly grateful for the opportunity to work with Anjani’.


For more information about the Program and how it can help you redefine your business success from the inside out visit:

Dr Izdihar Jamil, Ph.D.

Dr Izdihar Jamil, Ph.D. is a media expert and is a 10 x #1 International Bestselling Author of It Is Done, Yes I Can and Women Who Lead and has spoken on hundreds of prestigious events and interviews all around the world. She was featured on Forbes, Fox TV, NBC, CBS, ABC, CW, Thrive Global and hundreds of media and publications. She was featured on the prestigious TED platform sharing her idea on overcoming social adversity as an immigrant, hijab wearing woman. Izdihar is an influential trailblazer and an inspirational leader in helping female entrepreneurs to be the #1 go-to expert in their fields with her simple, no-fuss methods. She has helped over 100 people to be a #1 international bestselling author, get in the media, magazines, high profile interviews and publications. Izdihar lives in California with her husband and three kids and in her spare time she loves reading and baking for her family.