Community Leader, Fashion Designer And Writer Jamielle Rankine Publishes New Poem “Skin”

Community leader, fashion designer and writer Jamielle Rankine publishes new poem “Skin” to help uplift and aid those who feel helpless. Rankine comes from humble roots being born in a poverty stricken ghetto in Kingston, Jamaica but was fortunate enough to move to the United States. “Experiencing both poverty and opportunity made me appreciate life,” states Rankine. This talented fashion designer and writer showcases this dichotomy and identity struggle through her art and community involvement.  

Rankine leverages fashion and prose as an outlet to express her fears, insecurities and to escape past realities. “I would write stories about my experiences and things I would want to take place in my life. Eventually, I began writing poems. It was not until I brought forth truth that the words began to tell a story. By combining emotion and reality, I wrote my first poem “Stained Eyes” in 2015. I knew I had something special when I made an audience cry after reciting the words,” added Rankine.

Jamielle Rankine is not only a talented writer and fashion designer, she is an educator and advocate for helping homeless women get back on their feet. Rankine educates homeless women as a mentor through a course she created called. “Finding Fashion and Yourself.” Finding Fashion and Yourself is delivered through the Precious Life Shelter in Los Alamitos, CA. The purpose of the program is to teach homeless women how to style and find clothing for job interviews. Rankine meets with the women from the shelter for several hours a month to offer guidance, advice, and teach job hunting skills. Knowing what it is like to come from humble beginnings, providing uplifting support to those in need, especially women, is Rankine’s passion.   

Rankine has received business awards for entrepreneurship through the innovative Impact Fund for excellence in business planning and funding presentations. “Skin” has been very well received throughout Rankine’s community both on-and-offline. For readers who wish to learn more, you can reach Rankine through her fashion website.