Commercial Cleaning Fort Lauderdale: Professional Carpet-Cleaning Service Removes Allergens From The Home And Office

Fort Lauderdale, Feb. 7, 2019 / — Savassi Cleaning and Building Maintenance is a locally owned and operated commercial cleaning services company that provides office cleaning and carpet cleaning services to Fort Lauderdale and the surrounding community.

Savassi Cleaning’s carpet-cleaning service removes embedded allergens, dirt, grime and biological contaminants from carpet and restores its natural beauty without damaging carpet fibers.

This is accomplished with a truck-mounted hot-water-extraction carpet-cleaning unit and a dedicated team of IICRC-certified carpet cleaning professionals. Hot-water-extraction carpet cleaning works by injecting hot water and powerful carpet-cleaning agents into the carpet pile to loosen the contaminants and quickly vacuum them up.

The result is a carpet that is allergen-free and a home with dramatically improved indoor air quality.

Savassi Cleaning and Building Maintenance is owned by CEO Leo Candido, a long-time South Florida resident.

“We are happy that we can offer a carpet-cleaning service that makes the lives of our customers easier. We understand how allergies can have a huge impact on the health and wellness of our community,” said Leo Candido CEO of Savassi Cleaning and Building Maintenance.

One-Stop Shop For Commercial Cleaning Services Fort Lauderdale

Savassi Cleaning’s goal is to remove allergens from carpet quickly and professionally.

Savassi Cleaning and Building Maintenance IICRC-certified carpet-cleaning technicians arrive when expected and are ready to get to work immediately.

Savassi Cleaning accepts all major credit cards and cash.

Request a free estimate by inputting information on the website’s contact page.  Savassi Cleaning can be contacted at 561-410-3679. They are located at 22545 SW 66th Avenue suite #206, Boca Raton, FL, 33428.