Coleen Choisser, San Diego Interior Designer, Matching Interior Design To Your Personality

Coleen Choisser, San Diego Interior Designer, says, “I help people put their homes together or their offices together so the space reflects their personality in those spaces.” An Interior Designer goes to the home or the office and helps the owner select paint colors, wallpaper and fabric and hard surfaces. Part of the plan includes art, area rugs, furniture and possible reupholstering. Overall space planning is also part of the project. Discussions could take place about removing a wall in order to make the space more livable for the home owners. Emphasis should be placed on the space reflecting the person’s personality by matching the style to their personality.

Different styles may be Modern, Traditional, Contemporary, Old World or Mid Century Modern. Mid Century Modern is the style that is in vogue at the time of this writing. Modern is best described by saying it has very clean lines. Clean lines would be described as straight lines with very little clutter with bold colors. In some Modern designs you have no woods at all. In other Moderns you have complete stainless steel, in other situations you can have lots of wood. Usually, Modern is very minimalistic in design with very few accessories. Modern has lots of space and very few accessories, and lots of glass.

Contemporary is the opposite of Modern. This style has very clean lines with lots of wood and glass; it is minimalist with few accessories, but very warm and inviting. Transitional design is a mix of contemporary and modern. Transitional still has a lot of wood and can still and can be described as being very clean that is more colorful; simple and minimalist, but warm and inviting. Traditional design is used heavily in east coast designs and has fairly heavy usage in San Diego. Traditional can be described as being a more English style, a more homey look, very comforting, with a feeling of “old money.” Old World design styles originated in Europe. This style feels rustic, but can run to ornate with metal trim, gold and gilded looks. There will also be crystal chandeliers. This style was very popular 10 years ago, is still popular in some places, but not as much so as it was. Then there is retro Mid-Century Modern which is in the process of coming back into style. This style is based on what was popular in the late 50s and early 60s. The Interior Designer will also help with bathroom or kitchen remodel. The goal is to make your property more comfortable and more valuable.

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